Lingyang Guide

Lingyang is a Glacio character in Wuthering Waves that use Gauntlets as his weapon. Find Lingyang skills, resonance chain and more here.

Lingyang Overview and Stats

Wuthering Waves: Lingyang Guide

Lingyang is a 5-Stars character. He is a Glacio Natural Resonator and also a member of the Liondance Troupe in Jinzhou and the last Suan'ni.

Lingyang StatsLv.1Lv.90
Crit. Rate5%5%
Crit. DMG150%150%
Energy Regen100%100%
Max Stamina140140
Max Resonance Energy125125

Lingyang Best Weapons

Abyss Surges (5-Star)

Weapons: Abyss Surges | Wuthering Waves - zilliongamer

This gauntlet offers a fantastic boost to Energy Regen and a synergy between Basic Attacks and Resonance Skills, perfectly fitting Lingyang's playstyle, especially in his Striding Lion state where he frequently weaves those attacks together.

Stonard (4-Star)

Weapons: Stonard | Wuthering Waves - zilliongamer

Stonard significantly boosts Resonance Liberation damage, making it a strong contender, particularly when Lingyang uses his ultimate, Feral Gyrate. The extra damage is valuable in boss fights or against multiple enemies.

Marcato (4-Star)

Weapons: Marcato | Wuthering Waves - zilliongamer

Marcato's Concerto Energy restoration helps Lingyang maintain momentum and stay in his enhanced Striding Lion state for longer, as he heavily relies on Resonances Skills, especially Swift Punches.

Gauntlets of Night (3-Star)

Weapons: Gauntlets of Night | Wuthering Waves - zilliongamer

The Armor stacks from these gauntlets increase Lingyang's survivability, especially when diving into the fray with Striding Lion. The extra ATK and DEF make him tankier.

Guardian Gauntlets (3-Star)

Weapons: Guardian Gauntlets | Wuthering Waves - zilliongamer

While simple, the direct boost to Resonance Liberation damage is always welcome, making Lingyang's ultimate even more impactful.

Lingyang Strength & Weakness


High Damage Potential
Lingyang seems geared towards dealing significant Glacio damage, especially with his resonance liberation and forte circuit abilities.
Versatile Combat Style
He has a mix of ground and aerial attacks, offering flexibility in combat scenarios.
Resource Management
Unique Lion's Spirit requiring strategic use of skills to maximize damage output and maintain the Striding Lion state.
Team Utility
His Resonance Chain can provide benefits like anit-interruption, damage bonuses for the team, and increased attack for characters in the team.


Potentially High Skill 
His kit seems complex, with multiple mechanics like the Lion's Spirit, Striding Lion state, and various attack combinations.
Reliance on Specific Combos
Maximizing his damage seems to depend on executing specific sequences of Basic Attacks, Heavy Attacks, and Resonance Skills.

Lingyang Passive Skills

Lion's Pride
The damage of the Intro Skill Lion Awakens is increased by 50%.
Diligent Practice
In the Forte Circuit Striding Lion State, after each Basic Attack is cast, the next Forte Circuit Leaping Style: Mountian Crossing will cause an additional Glacio damage with 3 seconds, the damage is 150% of the Forte Circuit Leaping Style: Mountain Crossing, this damage is Resonance Skill damage.
Skillful Cooking
The current Character has a chance to produce a specialty dish when cooking.

Lingyang Intro/Outro Skills

Lion Awakens - Intro Skill
Lingyang's appearance causes Glacio damage.
Frosty Marks - Outro Skill
Centered on the skill target, it releases a shock wave, causing 587.94% of Lingyang's attack to the targets within the range as Glacio damage.

Lingyang Skills

Majestic Fists - Basic Attack

Basic Attack

Perform up to 5 attacks, causing Glacio damage. After casting the Resonance Skill Swift Punchs, the 5th attack of the Basic Attack is replaced by Feral Roars.

Basic Attack: Feral Roars

When Swift Punches hits the target, the 5th attack of the Basic Attack will be enhanced to Feral Roars, causing Glacio damage.

Heavy Attack

Consume Stamina, causing Glacio Damage.

Mid-Air Attack

Consume Stamina to perform a Mid-air Plunging attack, dealing Glacio damage.

Mid-air Attack: Radiant Plunge

When the Forte Gauge is not full, after a Heavy Attack is followed by a Basic Attack, the Radiant Plunge attack will be launched, causing Glacio damage.

Counter Attack

After a successful Dodge, using a Basic Attack within a certain period of time will attack the target, causing Glacio damage.

Ancient Arts - Resonance Skill

Attack the target, causing Glacio damage.

Resonance Skill: Swift Punches

When the 3rd, 4th, 5th Basic Attacks hits the target the Resonance Skill Ancient Arts is replaced by the Resonance Skill Swift Punches. After casting Feral Roars, casting the Resonance skill Swift Punches and then casting Basic Attack again, the 3rd Basic Attack will be cast. Lingyang's Resonance Skill will not interrupt the Basic Attack cycle.

Strive Lion's Vigor - Resonance Liberation

Attack the target, causing Glacio damage, and receive the blessing of Lion's Vigor, lasting for 14 seconds.

Lion's Vigor

During the duration of Lion's Vigor, Lingyang's own Glacio damage bonus is increased by 50%, During the duration of Lion's Vigor, the duration of the Forte Circuit's Striding Lion state will be extended to 10 seconds.

Unification of Spirits - Forte Circuit

Striding Lion

Entering Striding Lion State: When the Lion's Spirit is full, hold the Basic attack to unleash the Heavy Attack Glorious Plunge, causing Glacio damage, and enter striding Lion state, gaining the ability to attack in the air, After casting the other Intro Skill Lion Awakens or the Resonance Liberation Feral Gyrate, if the Lion's Spirit is full, casting Basic Attack can enter the Striding Lion state.

Striding Lion state

In the Striding Lion state, the Lion's Spirit will be consumed continuously for 5 seconds, and the Striding Lion state will end and return to the ground after the consumption is complete, If in the Resonance Liberation Strive: Lion's Vigor state at the same time, the consumption rate of Lion's Spirit is halved; When consuming Lion's Spirit, the Concerto Energy is restored, and when all Lion's Spirit is consumed, 35 Concerto Energy can be restored, In the Striding Lion state, Lingyang's Basic Attack is replaced with Basic Attack Feral Gyrate, performing up to 2 attacks causing Glacio damage. In the Striding Lion state, Lingyang's Resonance Skill is replaced with Resonance Skill Lion Prance, causing Glacio damage. When the Lion Spirit is less than 10, tap Basic attack to cast Basic Attack Stormy Kicks to attack the target, causing Glacio damage, after casting Basic attack Stormy Kicks, the Mid-air Attack Radiant Plunge can be cast.

Rules for obtaining Lion's Spirit

When casting Resonance Skill Leap: Angry Chase, 20 Lion's Spirit is restored. When casting Intro Skill Lion Awakens, 40 Lion's Spirit is restored. When casting Resonance Liberation Feral Gyrate, 60 Lion's Spirit is restored.

Lingyang Resonance Chain

Sequence Node 1
During the Resonance Liberation Lion's Swift, Lingyang's own anti-interruption ability is increased.
Sequence Node 2
When casting the Intro Skill Out of the Hole: Sleeping Lion Awakening, Lingyang additionally recovers 10 resonance energy, which can be triggered once every 20 seconds.
Sequence Node 3
During the Resonance Liberation Lion's Swift, Lingyang's own additional basic attack damage bonus is increased by 20%, and the Resonance Skill damage bonus is increased by 10%.
Sequence Node 4
When Lingyang casts the Outro Skill Trace: Step on Snow and Point to Stars, the attack of the characters in the team increased by 20%, lasting for 15 seconds.
Sequence Node 5
When casting Resonance Liberation Advance: Lion's Swift, all are sufficient for ten thousand actions, an additional 200% Glacio damage will be inflicted.
Sequence Node 6
When in the state of Forte Circuit Walking Lion, Linyang will, within 3 second after casting Body Flying Style: Crossing Mountains and Rivers, the damage bonus of the next Basic Attack will be increased by 100%.

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