Calcharo Guide

Calcharo is an Electro character in Wuthering Waves that use Broadblade as his weapon. Find Calcharo skills, resonance chain, and more down below.

Calcharo Overview and Stats

Wuthering Waves: Calcharo Guide

Calcharo StatsLv.1Lv.90
Crit. Rate5%5%
Crit. DMG150%150%
Energy Regen100%100%
Max Stamina140140
Max Resonance Energy125125

Calcharo Best Weapons

Lustrous Razor (5-Star)
Weapons: Lustrous Razor | Wuthering Waves - zilliongamerThis weapon is the clear winner for maximizing of Calcharo 's potential. The Energy Regen lets you spam his Resonance Skills, and the boost to Resonance Liberation damage perfectly complements his "Dethblade Gear" state.
Autumntrace (4-Star)
Weapons: Autumntrace | Wuthering Waves - zilliongamerA versatile pick that increases both attack and defense, enhancing Calcharo's overall  combat effectiveness.
Helios Cleaver (4-Star)
Weapons: Helios Cleaver | Wuthering Waves - zilliongamerIdeal for players who favor aggressive, burst-damage playstyles, as it grants a significant ATK boost at the start of combat.
Dauntless Evernight (4-Star)
Weapons: Dauntless Evernight | Wuthering Waves - zilliongamerA situational choice that can be valuable for survivability, especially content where healing might be scarce.
Broadblade of Night (3-Star)
Weapons: Broadblade of Night | Wuthering Waves - zilliongamerThis weapon provide helpful ATK buff in the early stage of combat, allowing Calcharo to quickly deal damage and gain an advantage.

Calcharo Strengths & Weakness


High Electro Damage
Calcharo's Kit is focused on dealing substantial Electro damage through various attacks and his Resonance Liberation state.
Resource Generation
He can effectively generate Resonance Liberation energy through his Forte Circuit, allowing him to utilize his powerful abilities more often.
His passive skills increase the damage of his Resonance Liberation and reduce damage taken, enhancing his survivability.


Reliant on "Cruelty" Resource
His most powerful Heavy Attack requires accumulating "Cruelty" points, limiting its availability in some situations.
Limited Crowd Control
His abilities lack significant crowd control effects which make him less effective against group of enemies.

Calcharo Passive Skills

Bloodshed Awakening
When casting a Heavy Attack "Mercy", the damage bonus of Calcharo's Resonance Liberation increases by 10%, lasting 15 seconds.
Flawless to Death
When Resonance Liberation "Death Messenger" hits the target, the damage received by Calcharo is reduced by 15%, lasting 5 seconds.
Skillful Cooking
The current Character has a chance to produce special dishes when cooking.

Calcharo Intro/Outro Skills

Wanted Criminal - Intro Skill
Attack the target, causing Electro damage.
Shadow Raid - Outro Skill
The shadow of Calcharo supports the Resonator, clearing the targets in front with a slash. The shadow's attack will cause 587.94% of Calcharo's Electro damage.

Calcharo Skills

Hounds Gnaw - Basic Attack

Basic Attack

Perform up to 4 attacks, causing Electro damage.

Heavy Attack

Consume Stamina to attack the target, causing Electro damage.

Mid-air Attack

Consume Stamina to perform a mid-air plunging attack, causing Electro damage.

Dodge Counter

After a successful Dodge, using Basic Attack within a certain time will attack the target, causing Electro damage.

Extermination Order - Resonance Skill
Calcharo swings the Broadblade to attack the target, causing Electro damage. The Resonance Skill Extermination Order can be cast 3 times in a row. If not cast in short time, it will enter a cooldown time of 10 seconds.
Mirage Etching - Resonance Liberation

Calcharo inflicts Electro damage on surrounding targets and enters Deathblade Gear state, lasting 10 seconds.

Deathblade Gear

During the duration of Deathblade Gear: Basic Attack will change to Hounds Roam, with a maximum of 5 attacks, inflicting Electro damage, this damage is the damage of the Basic Attack; Evasion Attack damage is increased, this damage is the damage of Resonance Liberation.

Hunting Mission - Forte Circuit

Heavy Attack: "Mercy"

When not in the Resonance Liberation Deathblade Gear state, with 3 points of "Cruelty", the Heavy Attack is replaced with Heavy Attack "Mercy". When casting Heavy Attack "Mercy", consume all "Cruelty", deal Electro damage, this damage is Heavy Attack damage, and recover 6 points of Resonance Liberation energy and 6 points of Concerto energy.

Rules of "Cruelty" Acquisition

When the Resonance Skill Extermination Order hits the target, gain 1 point of "Cruelty". In the Resonance Liberation Deathblade Gear state, "Cruelty" is not accquired.

Rules of "Killing Intent" Acquisition

When Hounds Roar hits the target, recover 1 point of "Killing Intent".

Calcharo Resonance Chain

Sequence Node 1
When the Resonance Skill Annihilation Command hits the target, it additionally recovers 10 Resonance Energy, which can be triggered once every 20 seconds.
Sequence Node 2
After the Resonance Liberation Armed Slaughter state ends, the next Intro Skill of Calcharo wil be replaced with the Intro Skill "Necessary Means", causing 200%*2 Electro Damage, this damage is Intro Skill damage.
Sequence Node 3
During the Resonance Liberation Armed Slaughter state, Calcharo's Electro damage bonus is increased by 25%.
Sequence Node 4
When casting the Outro Skill Shadow Raid, the attack of the characters in the team is increased by 20% for 15 seconds.
Sequence Node 5
The damage of the Intro Skill "Necessary Means" is increased by 50%.
Sequence Node 6
When casting Resonance Liberation "Death Notice", Calcharo will summon 2 Hunting Shadows for a coordinated attack, each Hunting Shadow can cause 100% Electro Damage, this damage is Resonance Liberation damage.

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