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Welcme to TFT Mobile Strategy Guides and Database. View item cheat sheet, classes and elements detail, and more here!

Item Cheat Sheet

TFT Mobile Item Cheat Sheet - zilliongamer

TFT Mobile Item Build Cheat Sheet - zilliongamerItem BuildView TFT Mobie Item build cheat sheet to help plan your item better.
TFT Mobile Item Stats Cheat Sheet - zilliongamerItem StatsView TFT Mobile Item stats cheat sheet to understand all items.

Classes & Elements Synergies

TFT Mobile Classes - zilliongamer

TFT Mobile Classes Synergies Cheat Sheet - zilliongamerClasses SheetView TFT Mobile Classes cheat sheet to know all stats and detail of each class.
TFT Mobile Elemetns Synergies Cheat Sheet - zilliongamerElements SheetView TFT Mobile Elements cheat sheet to find all champion elements.

Skins Database

TFT Mobile Skins Database - zilliongamer

TFT Mobile Arena Skins Database - zilliongamerArena SkinsFind and view all Arena skins in Teamfight Tactics Mobile here.
TFT Mobile Arena Skins Database - zilliongamerMini LegendsFind and view all Mini Legends skins in Teamfight Tactics Mobile.

Game Information

TFT Mobile Game Information - zilliongamer

TFT Mobile (Teamfight Tactics) is free-to-play auto battler game developed by Riot Game and available for Android, iOS, and PC.

Release Date:n/a
Platforms:Android, iOS, PC
Genre:Auto battler
Series:League of Legends
Download:Google Play & App Store
Social Media:Twitter

TFT Mobile Trailer:

TFT Updates and Mobile Announcement:

Credit: League of Legends

TFT Mobile Beta Gameplay:

Full Beta gameplay by our Author:

Credit: CSP Gaming

Full gameplay Review:

Credit: Yikez

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