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  • Ha Tinh

    Ha Tinh

    Date : 2018-09-18 By : Ratanak
    Ha Tinh is a rural area with a lot of houses located on the northwest side of the map "Sanhok". There are a lot of loot items that players can loot here.
  • Camp bravo

    Camp bravo

    Date : 2018-09-19 By : Ratanak
    Camp Bravo located in east northeast side from the middle of Sanhok. Camp Bravo is small and tight. There are a lot of weapon that spawn inside it but when a lot of players landing here it is requiring more skill base in other to win the fight.
  • Tat mok

    Tat mok

    Date : 2018-09-19 By : Ratanak
    Tat Mok is like woodcutter camp. There are alot of woods there, most of the items spawn on top of the wood. There are also 2 other warehouses and it is also providing a lot of good items as well. Tat Mok is a small area with hard cover and lots of loot.
  • Khao


    Date : 2018-09-19 By : Ratanak
    Khao is one of the big city in Sanhok. Khao located in Far north side from the center of Sanhok. Khao have a lot of houses and also have a small path or road on the water as well. The designing of Khao stack house after house and and tall next to each other so you can practice your skill.
  • Bhan


    Date : 2018-09-19 By : Ratanak
    Bhan is a very small places located at East side from middle of Sanhok. Bhan is a place surrounded by a big bucket what we call 'peang' in cambodia. The place it self is super small very hard to fight and very low cover. Alway loot quick and get out if you drop into this place.
  • Camp alpha

    Camp alpha

    Date : 2018-09-20 By : Ratanak
    Camp alpha located on west north west side from the middle point of Sanhok. Camp Alpha is similar to other camp. Construct out of cement and a lot of hight and low structure stand close to each other. Camp alpha is a good place for practicing close range fight.
  • Pai nan

    Pai nan

    Date : 2018-09-20 By : Ratanak
    Pai Nan is a city located on South southwest side from the middle of Sanhok. The city is divided by a small arm of river you can swim across it or walk on the bridge. Pai Nan is very popular because of it own town design. You can either fight from medium range r short range and it work out well.
  • Docks


    Date : 2018-09-20 By : Ratanak
    Docks is location on southeast side of the map. It is a place where ships park and tons of container on the dock. Docks attract a lot of players to drop there because of how quick players can find a gun and how intense the fight is. Outside Docks there are also a lot of good house on top of it.
  • Ruins


    Date : 2018-09-21 By : Ratanak
    Ruins is a place located on the West southwest side from the middle of Sanhok. Ruins is an old temple at the middle and surround by some small statue around it. There are 2 main area to land in Ruins such as Middle temple and those small structure around middle temple as well.
  • Na kham

    Na kham

    Date : 2018-09-21 By : Ratanak
    Na Kham is located on Southwest side of Sanhok.Na Kham is similar to Tat Mok but there are more houses in this area. Na Kham doesn't attract lots of players because it located far from middle and also hard to fight when there are a lot of cover. Inside Na Kham there are Warehouses, Houses and Wood area.
  • Ban tai

    Ban tai

    Date : 2018-09-21 By : Ratanak
    Ban Tai located at South side of the middle map. Ban Tai located next to the water. This is the best city in Sanhok even though it is far from the middle but it is the best because of the looting percentage that spawn inside it. Most Players never even land here once. If you haven't just try it out. There are Uphill Houses and Downhill Houses and also Pavilion as well.
  • Quarry


    Date : 2018-09-21 By : Ratanak
    Quarry located in Southeast side from the middle of Sanhok. Quarry is like a construction side that dig deep down and take out all the sand. There are some small kinda mountain look a like inside that as well.  All the items spawn inside those position. Quarry attract a lot of players to drop in because of how big it is and good items. There are a road that cut across quarry as well to connect with another side.
  • Lakawi


    Date : 2018-09-21 By : Ratanak
    Lakawi is located on the East side from the middle of Sanhok. There are only 1 Warehouse and 1 house in the area but the main loot spot is actually on the bridge and a pavalion. Lots of enemies like to drop here because of how interesting it look, It's like a field with a bridge divided it. 
  • Cave


    Date : 2018-09-25 By : Ratanak
    Cave is located on South souteast side from the middle of Sanhok. In Cave there is a huge loot place inside it. There is a huge hole on top like a roof as well. 
  • Paradise resort

    Paradise resort

    Date : 2018-09-25 By : Ratanak
    Paradise Resort is a small structure that located at Nort northeast of the map. There are only 9 structure in this area it is really good to practice short range fighting in this place.
  • Mongnai


    Date : 2018-09-25 By : Ratanak
    Mongnai is located on the North northwest side of the map. There are nothing at the exact field but some house around it can provide some good loots it is on the edge of the map which make the area extremely unpopular.
  • Tambang


    Date : 2018-09-25 By : Ratanak
    Tambang is located in Southwest side from the middle map. This place is close to the beach and there are a lot of Pavilion as well. In Tambang you can loot faster to fight the enemies.
  • Bootcamp


    Date : 2018-09-25 By : Ratanak
    Bootcamp is the middle of the map. As you can see bootcamp is really small but what make boot camp the best for hotdrop is that there are weapon spawn everywhere.
  • Sahmee


    Date : 2018-09-25 By : Ratanak
    Sahmee is a big town full of houses and located in South southwest side of the map. There are stacks of player that drop there and stacks of items to loot and also stacks of rifle as well.
  • Kampong


    Date : 2018-09-25 By : Ratanak
    Kampong is located in East southeast side from the middle. Kampong is also a huge town that stacks with rifle and players as well. A lot of player like to drop here because it is big and tactical.
  • Camp charlie

    Camp charlie

    Date : 2018-09-25 By : Ratanak
    Cam Charlie is the same to other camp it is small and lots of weapons spawn here and there and also a lot of protective items as well.