Camp alpha

Camp Alpha Overview

Camp Alpha overview | PUBG MOBILE - zilliongamer your game guide

Camp Alpha Summary

Camp alpha located on west north west side from the middle point of Sanhok. Camp Alpha is similar to other camp. Construct out of cement and a lot of hight and low structure stand close to each other. Camp alpha is a good place for practicing close range fight. Fighting close range in place like camp alpha need you to pay attention on footstep and map indicator cause that help you to know where your enemies come from. You don't want to loot on the roof for to long because there are 0 cover for you and wide area for enemies to shoot at you.

Camp Alpha Town Guide

In Camp Alpha we divide into 3 side. Knowing which path you will be landing on is important for you .

1. Camp Alpha Top side

Camp Alpha Top side | PUBG MOBILE - zilliongamer your game guide

In Top side ther are 7 rooms that player can get in and loot Each room is dangerous because of some sneaky cover and also a good angle to hold when a nother player decided to rush. So becareful be calm and try to collect all the footstep information.

2. Camp Alpha Middle Side

Camp Alpha Middle Side | PUBG MOBILE - zilliongamer your game guide

In middle side there are 5 rooms that fill with a lot of good loot and also a good high ground to play with. 

3. Camp Alpha Buttom Side

Camp Alpha down side | PUBG MOBILE - zilliongamer your game guide

In downside there are a lot of rooms but some are completely useless you can't even find 1 rifle inside it. There are also a lot of cheeky angle for enemies to hide or to hold as well so make sure to check each angle one by one. 

My Personal Recommendation:

Can you drop Camp Alpha as a :

Solo ?YES
Duo ?YES
Squad ?YES

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