Tat mok

Tat Mok Overview

Tat Mok is North Side from the middle map of Sanhok | PUBG MOBILE - zilliongamer your game guide

Tat Mok Summary

Tat Mok is like woodcutter camp. There are alot of woods there, most of the items spawn on top of the wood. There are also 2 other warehouses and it is also providing a lot of good items as well. Tat Mok is a small area with hard cover and lots of loot. Tat Mok also close to KHAO so if you finish looting it quick you can invade your neighbor KHAO

Tat Mok Guide

Tat Mok heatmap | PUBG MOBILE - zilliongamer

The kinda bluish colour on the overview map is where you should be dropping. It provide at least 1 rifle and sometime even provide a full protection material for you But don't stay on there for to long because you can be an easy target onece you forgot that you have enemies..

My Personal Recommendation:

Can you drop Tat Mok as a :

Solo ?YES
Duo ?YES
Squad ?YES