Best Gun in COD Mobile Season 9 Tier List

Call of Duty Mobile best guns tier list in Season 9: Conquest is out now. Find the best guns to use in COD Mobile Season 9 here:

COD Mobile Season 9 Best Gun Tier List:

TierWeapon name
SDR-H, KN-44, QQ9, Chicom, Razorback, DL Q33, Kilo Bolt-Action, KRM-262, M4LMG
AMan-O-War, AK-47, GKS, MSMC, BK57, LK24, ICR-1, Locus, ASM10, BY15, HG 40
BPharo, Arctic.50, RUS-79U, Cordite, HBRa3, M4, UL736, S36
COutlaw, M16, Type 25, AK117, RPD, Chopper, PDW-57, M21 EBR
DHVK-30, HS0405, XPR-50, HS2126, Striker

Note: We created this tier list by testing all guns raw damage in training range. Prime range: 5 - 10 meter. 

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COD Mobile Season 9 Best Gun Tier List - zilliognamer

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Best Guns in COD Mobile Season 9

View the best guns in Call of Duty Mobile Season 9 of each weapon class:

Assault Rifle

The best guns in Season 9 are: DR-H, KN44, and Man-O-War.


COD Mobile DR-H Chained - zilliongamer

The DR-H is the best assault rifle in Season 9, this gun hit up to 32 damage with medium fire rate. It has good recoil and the prime range to use DR-H is close to medium range.


COD Mobile KN-44 Skin: Ashen Viper - zilliongamer

The second best assault rifle of Season 9 is KN-44, this gun hit the enemy up to 26 damage with very fast fire rate. It has good recoil control and the prime range to use KN-44 is close to medium range.


COD Mobile Man-O-War skin: Nuclear Fallout - zilliongamer

The Man-O-War stand third inside Season 9, it deal up to 34 damage with good fire rate, but the recoil control is required. The prime range to use the Man-O-War is close to medium range.


The best smgs in Season 9 are: QQ9, Chicom, and Razorback.


COD Mobile QQ9 Eye Candy skin - zilliongamer

The QQ9 is the best submachine gun to use in COD Mobile Season 9. It deal 25 damage with very fast fire rate and ads speed. The recoil is controllable and prime in close range.


COD Mobile Chicom Hellion skin - zilliongamer

The Chicom stand second place for Season 9, this burst smg has very high damage output up to 35 in close range. The burst recoil is very easy to control though it require precise aim to hit the burst.


Razorback Skin: Dark Matter in Call of Duty Mobile.

The third spot of Season 9 best smg is Razorback, this submachine gun deals up to 30 damage and it has good fire rate and good recoil control. The prime range to use Razorback is close to medium range.

Sniper Rifle

The best Sniper rifle in COD Mobile Season 9 are: DL Q33 and Kilo Bolt-Action.

DL Q33

COD Mobile DL Q33 Black Lime skin - zilliongamer

The DL Q33 is the best sniper in Season 9. It still standing strong among all other sniper. The DL is very accurate with good mobility and can 1 shot the enemy in any range when shot at the upper chest area.

Kilo Bolt-Action

Call of Duty Mobile Kilo Bolt-Action Lazarus - zilliongamer

The newest marksman rilfe Kilo Bolt-Action is the second best sniper / marksman rifle that you can use in Season 9, this gun has fast ads speed, great damage, and really good in close range combat.


The best Shotgun that you can use in Season 9 are: KRM-262 and BY15.


COD Mobile KRM-262 Skin: Sight Unseen - zilliongamer

The KRM-262 is the best shotgun to use in Season 9, this gun can 1 shot the enemy from close to medium close range and it has good overall mobility. Which make it really powerful to use.


COD Mobile BY15 - Hellion skin - zilliongamer

The second best shotgun to use in Season 9 is the BY-15, this shotgun is similar to the KRM-262 the only thing it lack is the range which mean it is only powerful when use in extreme close range combat.


The best Lightmachine gun that you can use in Season 9 are M4LMG and UL736.


COD Mobile M4LMG Ooze Skin - zilliongamer

The M4LMG is the best lmg to use in Season 9, this gun hit up to 31 damage in close to medium range which is really powerful. The only downside of this gun is the slow move speed which require you to play passive with it.


COD Mobile UL736 Teal Seal Skin - zilliongamer

The UL736 is the second best lmg in Season 9, it deals up to 25 damage in close to medium range, and the recoil is controllable, same to the M4LMG this gun require you to player a bit passive due to slow movement speed.

Weapon Tier Explained

The tier list above is created by adding 5 letters to identify the weapons quality known as Weapon Tier, the 5 letters are: "S, A, B, C, D".

S: Best

A: Great

B: Good

C: Decent

D: Low performance


In conclusion, The best guns in Call of Duty Mobile Season 9 has high damage, fast fire rate, and good overall performance which might become the meta guns to use in season 9

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End of COD Mobile Season 9 Weapon Tier List

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