The Best Weapon in Naraka Bladepoint Tier List

Find the best weapon in Naraka Bladepoint here including the tier list of each ranged weapons, and melee weapons. 

Naraka Bladepoint Weapon Tier List

SKatana, Swarm, Longsword, Bloodripper
AFlamebringer, Spear, Dagger, Greatsword, Bow
BRepeating Crossbow, Cannon
CMusket, Pistol



Naraka Bladepoint: Default Longsword

Longsword is the best weapon in Naraka Bladepoint it can deal high damage with ranged attack ( Charged Attack Horizontal , Charged Attack Vertical). It's very useful for you to keep distance from your enemies and combo for longsword also can deal decent damage too.

Best Longsword Souljades


Naraka Bladepoint: Default Katana

Katana is one of the best weapon as a melee weapon that can deal high damage, fast attack speed, and good mobility. Fast combo and Charged Attack deal a lot of damage.

Best Katana Souljades


Naraka Bladepoint: Default Bloodrippers

Bloodrippers is very unique weapon that can be found only in Morus Blessing chests. You can use it to ram through the enemy it also deal a lot of damage, and Blocks all projectiles. It's very useful in solo game.

Best Bloodrippers Guide


Naraka Bladepoint: Default Swarm

Swarm also is a unique ranged weapon that can be found only in Morus Blessing chests. It like a cannon but the fire rate is very fast. Swarm can deal a lot of damage to group of enemy it very useful in teamfight.

Best Swarm Guide


Naraka Bladepoint: Default Spear

Spear is the best melee weapon in Naraka Bladepoint. It can deal high damage, and has multiple moves. Hold down any Charged Attack and release them as soon as the second energy flash the Dragonslayer move will activate allow the spear to move around user for multiple attacks. Dragonslayer is very useful in teamfight.

Best Spear Souljades


Naraka Bladepoint: Default Dagger

Dagger is the best melee weapon it's rare to find but it has decent amount of damage, and great mobility. It’s also pretty easy to knock enemy airborne and knock down an opponent using the fast normal attack chain and Charged Attack.

You can dodging right after attack and dagger dash is every good to escape from enemy.

Best Dagger Souljades


Naraka Bladepoint: Default Bow

Bow is the best Ranged weapon in Naraka Bladepoint. It can deal high bodyshot and headshot damage with Charged Attack. You can use it to deal damage to enemy before get into the fight it will give you a better chance to win the fight.

Best Bow Souljades


Naraka Bladepoint: Default Flamebringer

Flamebringer is the best ranged weapon that you can only obtain through Morus Blessing chests. Its great for medium ranged and it can deal a lot of damage to multiple enemy at the same time and give them the burn effect.

Best Flamebringer Guide


Naraka Bladepoint: Default Greatsword

Greatsword is the best melee weapon in Naraka Bladepoint that can deal very high damage but attack speed is very slow it very useful in teamfight when enemy focus on your teammate use Charge Attack Horizontal to burst down enemy. 

Best Greatsword Souljades

Repeating Crossbow

Naraka Bladepoint: Default Repeating Crossbow

Repeating Crossbow is a ranged weapon that can deal decent damage, and fast fire rate good for close range only. It’s difficult to use since you need good aim to hit enemy that keep running and grappling hook but when you hit enemy will slow them down because of fast fire rate.

Best Repeating Crossbow Souljades


Naraka Bladepoint: Default Cannon

Cannon is the best ranged weapon in Naraka Bladepoint since it can deal decent damage to multiple enemies at the same time the durability is very low and it takes effort to use it properly with long ranged.

Best Cannon Souljades


Naraka Bladepoint: Default Musket

Musket is a ranged weapon in Naraka Bladepoint that can deal high damage both range close range and long range but fire rate is slow. It's difficult for some player because you need good aim to be able to hits enemies.

Best Musket Souljades

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