The Best Tier List Character in Naraka Bladepoint

Find the best character in Naraka Bladepoint and understand their strength, playstyle, and abilities here.

Character Tier List

SYoto Hime, Matari, Tianhai
A Viper Ning, Tarka Ji, Justina Gu
B Temulch, Wuchen
CKurumi, Valda Cui

Naraka Bladepoint: Viper NingViper Ning

Naraka Bladepoint: TemulchTemulch

Naraka Bladepoint: MatariMatari

Naraka Bladepoint: Tarka JiTarka Ji

Naraka Bladepoint: KurumiKurumi

Naraka Bladepoint: TainhaiTainhai

Naraka Bladepoint: Yoto HimeYoto Hime

Naraka Bladepoint: Valda CuiValda Cui

Naraka Bladepoint: WuchenWuchen

Naraka Bladepoint: Justina GuJustina Gu

Yoto Hime

Naraka Bladepoint: Yoto Hime

Yoto Hime is the best character in Naraka Bladepoint that can utilize very well for aggressive playstyle. 

Her ultimate Ominous Blade: Combo allow her to deal a lot of damage to enemies when pressing Mouse 1 again will teleport her to her blade.

Her Spirit Slash: Vortex Blocking range projectiles and it also blocks melee attacks so she can heal up without interruption.

Best Yoto Hime Glyph


Naraka Bladepoint: Matari

Matari is the best defensive character that you can choose. She has great mobility and very useful in squad and solo.

Matari Silent Flutter: Rapid Flash allow her to teleport a certain distance in a set direction it very useful for chasing down her enemy or escape from enemy.

Her ultimate Unseen Wings: Group Stealth after casting she enter Stealth all teammates enter the Stealth state too and refresh the Rapid Flash.

Best Matari Glyph


Naraka Bladepoint: Temulch

Temulch is the best defensive fighter, he's got great defense against ranged attack. If you’re fighting another Telmuch, your ultimate, Zephyr Prison, won’t hit them.

His Skill Zephyr Wisp: Tracking summons three wisps that can be lanuched at enemies, forcing ememies hit into whirlwind, each Zephyr Wisp block a ranged projectile.

His ultimate Zephyr Prison: Summon is very useful against character who rely on mobility. Zephyr Prison block all ranged attack, enemies who enter or exit are slowed.

Best Temulch Glyph

Viper Ning

Naraka Bladepoint: Viper Ning

Viper Ning is the best character that have the best DPS and Crowd control, she also can interrupting enemies attacks and and stun several enemies at once. Viper Ning is a good character for player who like to play aggressive.

Viper Ning Yushan Enigma: Lockdown blast enemy dealing damage to them, when Lockdown hits enemies they can use thier skills, ultimates, and innterrupted their focus moves.

Her ultimate Twilight Crimson when active summons the god of yin eyes marking near by enemy for 5 seconds and stuns enemies for 5 seconds enemy that marked cannot use grappling hook. When her Twilight Crimson active Viper Ning cannot attack.

Best Viper Ning Glyph


Naraka Bladepoint: Tianhai

Tianhai is the best Defensive character in Naraka Bladepoint, he can turn him self in to gaint Vajira can grab enemies and smash them into the ground deal very high damage.

Tianhai The Divine Bell: Blast can protects himself from physical attacks, and reflecting all ranged projectiles back at the shooter. This skill can knock nearby enemies airborne.

His ultimate is every powerfull if he able to grab two enemies and smack them at the same time it can deal a lot of damage. Titan's Call: Heal is he manages to grab in Vajra and knock them will restore a certain amount of health.

Best Tianhai Glyph

Tarka Ji

Naraka Bladepoint: Tarka Ji

Tarka Ji is the best aggressive character in Naraka Bladepoint that have good damage, and great mobility. 

Tarka Ji Inner Fire: Gigaflame allow him to create a fireball that can knocks back enemies and deals huge damage with a burn effect.

Tark Ji ultimate Blackout when active envelops himself in flame, when sprinting nearby enemies deal damage burn effect. He aslo block all ranged projectile while he sprinting.

Best Tarka Ji Glyph

Valda Cui

Naraka Bladepoint: Valda Cui

Valda Cui is the best character that have the best Crowd control since her skill and ultimate can traps multiple targets at the same time.

Her skill Haze: Teleport create 3 tide traps on either side of her as she leaps backward. When enemies step on them trigger and trap them for a period of time

Valda Cui ultimate Nether Nightmare: Bind can bind multiple targets before choosing one to pierce with the Sea Dragon Spear. While aim spear at her enemies and mouse 1 to attack deal damage and trap target for 6 seconds.

Best Valda Cui Glyph


Naraka Bladepoint: Kurumi

Kurumi is the best support character in Naraka Bladepoint, she can link herself to an ally and teleport to them knock back enemies. She is very good for players who like to play support.  

Kumumi skill Binding Prayer: Guard allow her to link with a teammate when pressing Mouse 1 will teleport her to the target teammate and knock nearby enemies airborne, pressing Mouse 2 terminates the link cleanses targeting teammate and herself and makes their damage reduction highly increased for 2.5 seconds.

Her ultimate Sacred Circle: Rapid Healing when active allow her to instantly resorting a certain amount of health and armor to all teammate. Her Sacred Circle will create a circle last for 15 seconds heal her and her teammate within each second.

Best Kurumi Glyph

Justina Gu

Justina Gu | Naraka Bladepoint - zilliongamer

Justina Gu is an aggressive counter character countering characters like Tianhai, Yueshan, and ViperNing. Her ultimate can use to evade dire situations while also freezing enemies in place and her F ability Ice Core can save her by giving her armor to get back in the fight with the cooldown in 25 seconds.

While active this ability allow her to encase herself with an icy aura while also recovering a ser amount of armor and also resistant to all physical attacks for 5 seconds.

Her base ultimate called Artic Wraith which changes her F ability into Shadow Swipe allows her to quickly charge into her enemy dealing a small amount of damage when Justina hits her enemy with this ability it will freezes the enemy granting 5 % attack buff with the maximum begin 15%.

Best Justina Gu Glyph

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