The Best Tianhai Build: Glyph, Skills, Ultimate, and Best SoulJades - Naraka: Bladepoint

Tianhai Build Guide - Naraka Bladepoint

Tarka Ji is the best aggressive character in Naraka Bladepoint that have good damage, and great mobility. His ultimate Titan's Call is very useful in teamfight and reset his heal back to full.

Best Glyph for Tianhai

Glyphs is a talent board help increase Tianhai energy, rage, rage damage, dodge energy cost, dagger dash, luck, and energy cap.

Here is our recommendation on building the best glyphs for Tianhai.


Naraka Bladepoint Glyphs: Origin Spirit

Spirit x 4

Naraka Bladepoint Glyphs: Origin Savagery

Savagery x 2


Naraka Bladepoint Glyphs: Lunar Agility

Agility x 4

Naraka Bladepoint Glyphs: Lunar Enrage

Enrage x 2


Naraka Bladepoint Glyphs: Omni Mind

Mind x 6


Naraka Bladepoint Glyphs: Solar Miracle

Miracle x 2

Naraka Bladepoint Glyphs: Solar Genius

Genius x 4

Best Skills for Tianhai

Tianhai's skills are The Divine Bell, Counter, and Blast. You will need to reach Cultivation stage reward 1 to unlock Counter and Blast.

Our recommendation for the best skill for Tianhai is Blast.

Blast (Cooldown: 25s)

Tianhai protects himself with Qi to resist all physical attack, reflecting ranged projectiles back to the shooter. This skill can knock nearby enemies airborne. Cannot be used while under attack

Best Ultimate for Tianhai

Tianhai's skills are Titan's Call, Titan's Guard, and Titan's Heal. You will need to reach Cultivation stage reward 2 to unlock Guard and Heal.

Our recommendation for the best ultimate for Tianhai is Heal.


Tianhai transforms into a Vajra. In this state, Press Mouse 1 to grab distant enemies, or press Mouse 2 to grab those nearby. Press E to smash grabbed enemies into the ground, the Vajra will restore a certain amount of health. Pressing E without an enemy in hand has the Vajra stomp the ground to issue a shock wave. The Vajra's max Energy scales with the number of players set in current mode. Tianhai stays in Vajra form for 30s, and it can be ended early ban holding V.

Given the Vajra's huge size, this can only be cast in open ares. The Vajra's body parts that shine are its weak points.

Best SoulJades for Tianhai

Stat SoulJades can help Tianhai deal more damage to enemies or take less damage from enemies.

Our recommendation Stat SoulJades for Tianhai is:


Naraka Bladepoint Glyphs: Ranged SoulJades

Ranged SoulJade

Decreases damage taken from ranged weapon.

Naraka Bladepoint Glyphs: Melee Resist SoulJades

Melee Resist SoulJade

Decreases Damage taken from melee weapons.

Best Special SoulJade for Tianhai

Each special SoulJade items affect your playstyle in various ways it depend on what special you can collect.

Our recommendation Special SoulJades for Tianhai is:


Naraka Bladepoint Glyphs: Special SoulJades


Restore you to full armor upon killing an enemy

Naraka Bladepoint Glyphs: Special SoulJades

Swift Heal

Use Vitalia and Armor powder faster.

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