The Best Wuchen Build: Glyph, Skills, Ultimate, and Best SoulJades - Naraka: Bladepoint

Wuchen is a playable Character in Naraka Bladepoint. Find Best Wuchen Build Glyph, Skills, and Ultimate here.

Best Glyph for Wuchen

Glyphs is a talent board help increase Wuchen energy, rage speed, rage damage taken, dodge energy cost, dagger dash, luck, and energy cap.

Here is our recommendation on building the best glyphs for Wuchen.


Naraka Bladepoint Glyphs: Origin Spirit

Spirit x 4

Naraka Bladepoint Glyphs: Origin Savagery

Savagery x 2


Naraka Bladepoint Glyphs: Lunar Agility

Agility x 4

Naraka Bladepoint Glyphs: Lunar Resovle

Lunar Resovle x 2


Naraka Bladepoint Glyphs: Omni Mind

Mind x 6


Naraka Bladepoint Glyphs: Solar Miracle

Miracle x 2

Naraka Bladepoint Glyphs: Solar Genius

Genius x 4

Best Skills for Wuchen

Wuchen skills are: Spirit Blades, Array, and Shield. You will need to reach Cultivation stage reward 1 to unlock Array and Shield.

Our recommendation for the best skill for Wuchen is Shield.

Shield (Cooldown: 25s)

Wuchen manipulates the Qi all around, forming 3 Spirit Blades that float beside him for 60 second. Hold E to shoot the blades, or shoot the blades continuously by holding on E charge.

Spirit Blades Shield will recover Wuchen and nearby allies 200 armor when they are in the hitting area, and create a Qi barrier in front of them. The barrier lasts 8 seconds but can be destory. Spirit Shield cannot clash.

While he still has spirit blades left, Wuchen will summon forth an Astral Aegis upon taking lethal damange. Astral Aegis consumes all Spirit Blades to hold off the damage towards health caused by the critical strike.

Best Ultimate for Wuchen

Wuchen skills are: Tai Chi Rift, Switch, and Portal. You will need to reach Cultivation stage reward 2 to unlock Switch and Portal.

Our recommendation for the best ultimate for Wuchen is Switch.


Use V to aim at a spot within 50m of you, then open a Tai Chi Rift Switch portal at both aimed point and your location with Mouse 1. These portals cannot be opened while under attack.

Hold Mouse 2 to cancel. After 1 second, the enemies location in the portal of aimed point will be switched with your teleported enemies will be inflicted with Vulnerable effect, taking an extra 20% damage for 15 second.

Best SoulJades for Wuchen

Stat SoulJades can help Wuchen deal more damage to enemies or take less damage from enemies.

Our recommendation Stat SoulJades for Wuchen is:


Naraka Bladepoint Glyphs: Health SoulJades

Health SoulJade

Increase maximun health.

Naraka Bladepoint Glyphs: Attack SoulJades - zilliongamer

Attack SoulJades

Increase Attack Damage.

Best Special SoulJade for Wuchen

Each special SoulJade items affect your playstyle in various ways it depend on what special you can collect.

Our recommendation Special SoulJades for Wuchen is:


Naraka Bladepoint Glyphs: Special SoulJades


Restore you to full armor upon killing an enemy

Naraka Bladepoint Glyphs: Special SoulJades

Tu Na

Using emote Rest recovers health for 120s.

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