Genshin Impact Best Venti Team Comp

Here is a Genshin Impact team guide article on how to build a Venti team comp including details of the team members and free-to-play team.

Venti Breakdown

In this team build, Venti is one of the best supports in the game that provides AoE Anemo DMG to interrupt enemies and group them which makes it easier for the team to apply elemental DMG.

Here is some team build that is suitable for him:

Venti Best F2P Vaporize Team Comp

This free-to-play team is a great option for a player who doesn't want to spend Primogem or a newbie who doesn't have any 5-star characters. Even though, this is a F2P team you still can maximize his potential as well. You can use Xiangling for Main-DPS that can output Pyro DMG with her burst to react with Xingqiu which can attach hydro element on enemies to create a Vaporize reaction and use Venti burst to group them up and continue dealing Vaporize DMG.

Venti Best F2P Vaporize Team Comp | Genshin Impact - zilliongamer

  • Xiangling
    • Both of her skills can apply AoE Pyro off-field.
  • Xingqiu
    • Can apply hydro element to attach enemies which can react with Cryo to create a freeze and provide some DMG and protection using his EM burst.
  • Bennett
    • Can buff allies' ATK as well as heal teammates.

Venti Best Permafrost Team Comp

This team comp focuses on maximizing the Permafrost reaction DMG by using Ganyu and Diona continuously applying Cryo DMG to react with Hydro from Mona to trigger Frost reaction and with Venti skill to extend frost duration.

Venti Best Permafrost Team Comp | Genshin Impact - zilliongamer

  • Ganyu
    • Apply AoE Cryo DMG and Using Charge ATK deal massive Cryo DMG which is great if you apply it on Venti burst combo.
  • Diona
    • Deal Cryo DMG and create a Shield that can absorb DMG and her burst can regenerate HP of characters within the AoE.
  • Mona
    • Her skill really shines in this team comp which can apply AoE Hydro DMG continuously to react to another element.

Venti Best Overload Team Comp

This team comp focuses on maximizing Overload DMG from Hu Tao's Pyro with Baal to create an Overload reaction. Using Venti to group up enemies first then apply Pyro and Electro.

Venti Best Overload Team Comp | Genshin Impact - zilliongamer

  • Hu Tao
    • Deal massive Pyro DMG and continue to apply with her skill and Normal ATK.
  • Baal
    • Apply continuous Electro DMG as well as AoE burst electro DMG.

Venti Best Vaporize Team Comp

This team comp focuses on creating a Vaporize reaction from Hu Tao's with Hydro from Xingqiu.

Venti Best Vaporize Team Comp | Genshin Impact - zilliongamer

  • Zhongli
    • Create a safe environment for the team by creating a shield around the character and continue to apply Geo by using his skill.

End of Best Venti Team Comp.

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