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Evolve Guide

Find in-depth guide on how to get yourself a special pets in Chimeraland here.

How to evolve White Snake | Chimeraland - zilliongamerWhite SnakeSoon!
How to evolve Minkrat | Chimeraland - zilliongamerMinkratHow to evolve Bony Sabretooth | Chimeraland - zilliongamerBony Sabretooth
How to evolve Duahawk | Chimeraland - zilliongamerDuahawkHow to evolve Pinnapup | Chimeraland - zilliongamerPinnapup
How to evolve Dragon Horse | Chimeraland - zilliongamerDragon HorseHow to evolve Stagasus | Chimeraland - zilliongamerStagasus

Weapon List

There are 3 weapon types in Chimeraland such as Melee, Ranged, and Special.

Melee Weapons

chimeraland Sword list - zilliongamerSword listchimeraland Battle Axe list - zilliongamerBattle Axe list
chimeraland Maul list - zilliongamerMaul listchimeraland Heavy Sword list - zilliongamerHeavy Sword list
chimeraland Longspear list - zilliongamerLongspear listchimeraland Twin Blades list - zilliongamerTwin Blades list
chimeraland Crescent list - zilliongamerCrescent listchimeraland Blood Edge list - zilliongamerBlood Edge list
chimeraland Shield list - zilliongamerShield listchimeraland Citysmasher list - zilliongamerCitysmasher list
chimeraland Divine Cudgel list - zilliongamerDivine Cudgel listchimeraland Royal Sword list - zilliongamerRoyal Sword list

Ranged Weapons

chimeraland Joint Firearm list - zilliongamerJoint Firearm listchimeraland Flash Firearm list - zilliongamerFlash Firearm list
chimeraland Multi-X-Bow list - zilliongamerMulti-X-Bow listchimeraland Plum Shuriken list - zilliongamerPlum Shuriken list
chimeraland Cannon list - zilliongamerCannon listchimeraland Mighty X-Bow list - zilliongamerMighty X-Bow list
chimeraland Handgun list - zilliongamerHandgun listchimeraland Short X-Bow list - zilliongamerShow X-Bow list
chimeraland Kilo X-Bow list - zilliongamerKilo X-Bow listchimeraland Rigid X-Bow list - zilliongamerRigid X-Bow list
chimeraland Parallel Gun list - zilliongamerParallel Gun listchimeraland Rumble Gun list - zilliongamerRumble Gun list
chimeraland Skyfire X-Bow list - zilliongamerSkyfire X-Bow listchimeraland Storm Sling list - zilliongamerStorm Sling list

Special Weapons

chimeraland Bow list - zilliongamerBow listchimeraland Staff list - zilliongamerStaff list
chimeraland Tranquil Fan list - zilliongamerTranquil Fan listchimeraland Noble Flute list - zilliongamerJade Flute list
chimeraland Pipa list - zilliongamerPipa listchimeraland Dreamsoul Lamp list - zilliongamerDreamsoul Lamp list

Accessories List

chimeraland Scope list - zilliongamerScope listchimeraland Magazines list - zilliongamerMagazines list
chimeraland Suppressors list - zilliongamerSuppressors listchimeraland Bayonet list - zilliongamerBayonet list

Armor List

chimeraland Helmets list - zilliongamerHelmets listchimeraland Mask list - zilliongamerMask list
chimeraland Pauldron list - zilliongamerPauldron listchimeraland Clothes list - zilliongamerClothes list
chimeraland Earrings list - zilliongamerEarring listchimeraland Ring list - zilliongamerRing list

Materials List

There are 2 types of materials in Chimeraland such as Basic and Processed.

Basic Materials

chimeraland Logging Materials - zilliongamerLogging Materialschimeraland Mining Materials - zilliongamerMining Materials
chimeraland Gather Materials - zilliongamerGather Materialschimeraland Searching Materials - zilliongamerSearching Materials
Chimeraland Scavenge Materials - zilliongamerScavenge MaterialsChimeraland Cultivate Materials - zilliongamerCultivate Materials
Chimeraland Fishing Materials - zilliongamerFishing Materials-

Processed Materials

Chimeraland Board Materials - zilliongamerBoard MaterialsChimeraland Timber Materials - zilliongamerTimber Materials
Chimeraland Fine Stone Materials - zilliongamerFine Stone MaterialsChimeraland Leather Materials - zilliongamerLeather Materials
Chimeraland Cloth Materials - zilliongamerCloth MaterialsChimeraland Metal Materials - zilliongamerMetal Materials
Chimeraland Cook Materials - zilliongamerCook MaterialsChimeraland Other Materials - zilliongamerOther Materials

Items List

chimeraland Rune list - zilliongamerRune listchimeraland Medicine list - zilliongamerMedicine list
chimeraland Tools list - zilliongamerTools list-

Foods List

Chimeraland Food Mythic Grade - zilliongamerMythic GradeChimeraland Food Legendary Grade - zilliongamerLegendary Grade
Chimeraland Food Epic Grade - zilliongamerEpic GradeChimeraland Food Rare Grade - zilliongamerRare Grade
Chimeraland Food Common Grade - zilliongamerCommon Grade-

Game Information

Chimeraland is a free-to-play Open world sandbox RPG that let you explore the unlimited land, free to build  home everywhere, fuse (craft) weapons, armor, accessories, trade materials, and more!

Release Date:January 5, 2022
Platforms:Android, iOS, PC
Genre:Open world sandbox RPG
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