Chimeraland How to evolve Duahawk Evol

Here information about how to evolve Vuldo into Duahawk in Chimeraland. Find out everything you should know about evolve Duahawk here.

Duahawk Evolve

First of all you need a pet Vuldo, Vuldo can be found in Vestmount. Vuldo is easy to find you can use common grade Catcher or higher to capture them, you must have your Vuldo devour special strange beasts to obtain certain body parts.

Vuldo can be found in Dark Plains:

Vuldo Location | Chimeraland - zilliongamer


You need your Vuldo to devour with Condor when devour successful the game will give you option to replace the body parts, you need to obtain Condor Head.

Condor can be found in snowy peaks, plains, deserts, and mountains:

Condor Location | Chimeraland - zilliongamer

Note: You need Rare Grade or higher Catcher to catch Condor.

White Condor

Devour Vuldo with White Condor to obtain White Condor Wings.

White Condor can be found in Mount Terra:

White Condor Location | Chimeraland - zilliongamer

Note: You need Rare Grade or higher Catcher to catch White Condor.

After obtain certain body parts of special strange beasts, you need Duahawk Evol Pill to evolve Duahawk. There are two ways to obtain the pill, you can purchase it for 3,344 Amber at the shop or you can craft it using Elixir Maker II.

Materials to craft Duahawk Pill:

Chimeraland Searching Materials: Illustrious Beast Soul - zilliongamerIllustrious Beast Soul x4Chimeraland Searching Materials: Fortuphant Primal Spirit - zilliongamerFortuphant Primal Spirit x8
Chimeraland Searching Materials: Nirvana Feather - zilliongamerNirvana Feather x8Chimeraland Searching Materials: Pining Feather - zilliongamerPining Feather x10

Note: You can Obtain Pining Feather through Pendant Merchant or from Home Shop.

Once you have Duahawk Pill go to Spirit Witch Trahaern, she can be found at Draco River talk to the Spirit Witch Trahaern to obtain your Duahawk.

Spirit Witch Trahaern Location:

Spirit Witch Trahaern | Chimeraland - zilliongamer

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