Chimeraland How to Evolve White Snake

Here is information about how to Evolve Grand Snowie into White Snake in Chimeraland. Find out everything you should know about evolving White Snake.

White Snake Stats

Down below is White Snake base stats:

Max ATK QualityMax HP QualityMax DEF Quality

Note: White Snake stat will increase based on Level.

White Snake Evolve

First of all you need a Grand Snowie pet. To capture Grand Snowie travelers must get the Grand Snowie to low health then you can capture them using a rare Mustard Shot X-Box or higher grade.

When capturing Strange Beast you will randomly get regular Strange Beast or Strange Beast Eggs in order to get those Strange Beast as your pet you need the Egg and hatch it using a hatcher at home.

Grand Snowie Location

Evolve White Snake is different than other pets you need to devour it with another Strange Breast to obtain certain body parts for Grand Snowie you don't need to devour it with any Strange Breast just obtain White Snake Pill and talk to Spirit Witch Trahaern.

Grand Snowie Can be found in Dark Plains, Mount Terra, Mount Dragonus, and more:

Grand Snowie Location | Chimeraland - zilliongamer

Note: You need a Rare Grade or higher Catcher to catch Grand Snowie.

After you get the Grand Snowie Egg hatch it and home. To Evolve White Snake after you get Grand Snowie pet you need White Snake Evol Pill.

You can get White Snake Evol Pill by purchasing it in the Shop cost 5980 Ruby to get Ruby you need to exchange Amber for Ruby. White Snake Evol Pill can also be crafted using Elixir Maker II.

Materials to craft White Snake Pill:

Chimeraland Searching Materials: Illustrious Beast Soul - zilliongamerIllustrious Beast SoulChimeraland Searching Materials: Moon Resin Dew - zilliongamerMoon Resin Dew
Chimeraland Searching Materials: Dragon Pill - zilliongamerDragon Pill
  • Illustrious Beast Soul Chimeraland Searching Materials: Illustrious Beast Soul - zilliongamer Obtain by Auction House, Hunt the Illustrious Beast, Orient the Resource Finder, and Explore the world.
  • Moon Resin Dew Chimeraland Searching Materials: Moon Resin Dew - zilliongamer Obtain from smelting Illustrious giant beast materials.
  • Dragon Pill Chimeraland Searching Materials: Dragon Pill - zilliongamer Obtain by Auction House, Hunt the Illustrious Wyrm Greenie, and Explore the world.

Spirit Witch Trahaern Location

Once you have White Snake Pill go to Spirit Witch Trahaern, she can be found on a small island at Eastmount talk to the Spirit Witch Trahaern to obtain your White Snake.

Spirit Witch Trahaern | Chimeraland - zilliongamer