Chimeraland How to Evolve Bony Sabretooth

Here information about how to evolve Gripine into Bony Sabretooth in Chimeraland. Find out everything you should know about How to Evolve Sabretooth and Stats here.

Bony Sabretooth Evolve

Gripine Location | Chimeraland - zilliongamer

First you need a pet Gripine, Gripine can be found in Desert, Sunset Bay, Vestmount, and Centralmount. Gripine is easy to find you often see them out in the wild, use Basic Grade Catcher or higher to capture them.

Once you obtain the Gripine egg go back to your home and hatch the egg, you must have your Gripine devour with special strange beasts to obtain certain body parts.

Golden Horsedeer

You need your Gripine to devour with Golden Horsedeer when devour successful the game will give you option to replace the body parts, you need to obtain Golden Horsedeer Horn.

Golden Horsedeer you can often see them in the wild:

Golden Horsedeer Location | Chimeraland - zilliongamer

Note: You need Basic Grade or higher Catcher to catch Golden Horsedeer.


Devour Gripine with Platyzard to obtain Platyzard Tail.

Platyzard can be found next to the sea:

Platyzard Location | Chimeraland - zilliongamer

Note: You need Legendary Grade Catcher to catch Platyzard.

Bony Sabretooth Stats


After obtain certain body parts of special strange beasts, you need Bony Sabretooth Evol Pill. There are two way to obtain the Bony Sabretooth Evol Pill by purchase it from Shop it cost 3280 Amber or you can craft it using Elixir Maker II.

Materials to craft Bony Sabretooth Evol Pill:

Chimeraland Searching Materials: Illustrious Beast Soul - zilliongamerIllustrious Beast Soul x4Chimeraland Searching Materials: Spirit Fox Primal Spirit - zilliongamerSpirit Fox Primal Spirit x8 
Chimeraland Searching Materials: Goldscale Shell - zilliongamerStoatle Shell x8Fallen Snow Bone x10

You can obtain Fallen Snow Bone from Pendant Merchant, and Purchase from Home Shop.

Once you obtain Bony Sabretooth Evol Pill go to Spirit Witch Trahaern, she can be found at Draco River talk to the Spirit Witch Trahaern to obtain your Bony Sabretooth.

Bony Stabretooth with wings | Chimeraland - zilliongamer

Note: Bony Stabretooth can devour, if you want your Bony Stabretooth to fly you can get wings for it. You need to devour your Bony Stabretooth with Dragon Bone, White Condor, and Condor to obtain the wings.