Chimeraland Citysmasher List

Citysmasher is a Melee weapons in Chimeraland. Find all Citysmasher weapons details such as skills, how to craft, and materials here.

Citysmasher Skills

There are 4 grades of Citysmasher in Chimeraland such as Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary grade.

  • Common: 2 skills.
  • Rare & Epic: 3 skills.
  • Legendary: 4 skills.

Note: Citysmasher got no skill

How to Craft Citysmasher

To craft Citysmasher in Chimeraland you need to have the weapon plans, basic materials, and processed materials that varies of the weapons you want to craft.

Weapon plans is a piece of leather with complex diagrams drawn all over it. A key item for fusing the Citysmasher. Item can be fused at Forge I (or higher).

Click or Tap on Weapons that you want to know the details:

Chimeraland Worn Citysmasher Weapons - zilliongamerWorn CitysmasherChimeraland Crude Citysmasher Weapons - zilliongamerCrude CitysmasherChimeraland Iron Citysmasher Weapons - zilliongamerIron Citysmasher
Chimeraland Impure Citysmasher Weapons - zilliongamerImpure CitysmasherChimeraland Draco Citysmasher Weapons - zilliongamerDraco Citysmasher 

Worn Citysmasher

Chimeraland Worn Citysmasher Weapons - zilliongamer

Grade: Basic

Meridian PowerDURHRD

Material Attributes: None


How to craft Worn Citysmasher:

Chimeraland Loggings Materials: Logs - zilliongamerLogs x5Chimeraland Mining Materials: Stone - zilliongamerStone x5

Crude Citysmasher

Chimeraland Crude Citysmasher Weapons - zilliongamer

Grade: Common

Meridian PowerDURHRD

Material Attributes: None


How to craft Crude Citysmasher:

Chimeraland Fine Stone Materials: Rare Fine Stone - zilliongamerRare Fine Stone x1Chimeraland Searching Materials: Strange Beast Bone - zilliongamerStrange Beast Bone x2Chimeraland Mining Materials: Red Gold - zilliongamerRed Gold

Iron Citysmasher

Chimeraland Iron Citysmasher Weapons - zilliongamer

Grade: Rare

Meridian PowerDURHRD

Material Attributes: 500 Metal


How to craft Iron Citysmasher:

Chimeraland Plans: Iron Citysmasher - zilliongamerPlans: Iron Citysmasher x1Chimeraland Fine Stone Materials: Rare Fine Stone - zilliongamerRare Fine Stone x1Chimeraland Searching Materials: Strange Beast Bone - zilliongamerStrange Beast Bone x4

Impure Citysmasher

Chimeraland Impure Citysmasher Weapons - zilliongamer

Grade: Epic

Meridian PowerDURHRD

Material Attributes: 1600 Metal


How to craft Impure Citysmasher:

Chimeraland Plans: Impure Citysmasher - zilliongamerPlans: Impure Citysmasher x1Chimeraland Searching Materials: Strange Beast Bone - zilliongamerStrange Beast Bone x10Chimeraland Fine Stone Materials: Uncommon Fine Stone - zilliongamerUncommon Fine Stone x2

Draco Citysmasher

Chimeraland Draco Citysmasher Weapons - zilliongamer

Grade: Legendary

Meridian PowerDURHRD

Material Attributes: 4000 Metal


How to craft Draco Citysmasher:

Chimeraland Plans: Draco Citysmasher - zilliongamerPlans: Draco Citysmasher x1Chimeralnd Search Material - Litiger Mane zilliongamerLitger ManeChimeraland Fine Stone Materials: Red Gold Piece - zilliongamerRed Gold Piece x4
Chimeraland Fine Stone Materials: Epic Fine Stone - zilliongamerEpic Fine Stone x1Chimeraland Searching Materials: Illustrious Beast Soul - zilliongamerNoble Beast Soul x2 

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