Chimeraland How to evolve Minkrat

Here is information about how to evolve Leoparbeak into Minkrat in Chimeraland. Find out everything you should know about evolving Minkrat here.

Minkrat Stats

Down below is Minkrat base stats:

Max ATK QualityMax HP QualityMax DEF Quality

Note: Minkrat stat will increase based on Level.

Minkrat Evolve

First of all you need a pet Leoparbeak, Leoparbeak can be found on Mount Terra, Mount Vehement, or you can find them next to Snowbear.

Leoparbeak is easy to find you can use rare grade Catcher or higher to capture them, once you obtain the Leoparbeak egg go back to your home and hatch the egg, you must have your Leoparbeak devour with special strange beasts to obtain certain body parts.

Leoparbeak Location | Chimeraland - zilliongamer

Grand Pinchpion

You need your Leoparbeak to devour with Grand Pinchpion when devouring successfully the game will give you the option to replace the body parts, you need to obtain Grand Pinchpion Tail.

Grand Pinchpion can be found in deserts:

Grand Pinchpion Location | Chimeraland - zilliongamer

Note: You need Epic Grade or higher Catcher to catch Grand Pinchpion.


Devour Leoparbeak with Shellcoon to obtain Shellcoon Head.

Shellcoon can be found in Pajaro Water Turbulent Lake:

Shellcoon Location | Chimeraland - zilliongamer

Note: You need a basic Grade or higher Catcher to catch Shellcoon.

After obtaining certain body parts of special strange beasts, you need Minkrat Evolution Powder | Chimeraland - zilliongamer Minkrat Evolution Powder x30 to craft it into Minkrat Evol Pill.

There is only one way to obtain the Minkrat Evolution Powder by purchasing it from Clan Shop it cost Clan Contribution | Chimeraland - zilliongamer 500 Clan Contribution. Where is Clan Shop, to find clan shop you need to join a clan after you are in a clan you can teleport to clan base and then look for a Golden Armor guy.

Clan Shop Location | Chimeraland - zilliongamer

Note: You can obtain Clan Contribution | Chimeraland - zilliongamer Clan Contribution by Donating supplies to clan, completing Clan Quest, and completing Clan Guardian. You can buy only 10 Minkrat Evolution Powder per week.

Spirit Witch Trahaern Location

Once you have Minkrat Evolution Powder | Chimeraland - zilliongamer 30 Minkrat Evolution Powder fuse it into Minkrat Evol Pill then go to Spirit Witch Trahaern, she can be found at Draco River and talk to the Spirit Witch Trahaern to obtain your Minkrat.

Spirit Witch Trahaern | Chimeraland - zilliongamer