COD Mobile Season 4 - All You Need To Know

COD Mobile Season 4 is now out for global version and here's everything you need to know.

The new update season 4 in Call of Duty Mobile featuring new: battle pass, characters, gamemode, map, and operator skill.

COD Mobile Season 4
Battle Pass: Disavowed

The new battle pass name "Disavowed" featuring SOAP mactavish and Urban Tracker and more new gun skins in Season 4.

COD Mobile Season 4 Battle Pass: Disavowed - zilliongamer

Buy the Season 4 premium battle pass to unlock:

SOAP MacTavish

COD Mobile Character skin: Soap MacTavish - zilliongamer

Unlock SOAP Mactavish in Tier 1 of Premium Disavowed Battle Pass.

Urban Tracker

COD Mobile Character skin: Urban Tracker - zilliongamer

Unlock Urban Tracker in Tier 12 of Premium Disavowed Battle Pass.

RUS-79U Viking

COD Mobile Rus-79U Viking skin - zilliongamer

Unlock RUS-79U Viking in Tier 50 of Premium Disavowed Battle Pass.

These are the main skins that you can get out of Season 4 Disavowed Premium battle pass.

However, there are more new skins that you can get and it can be find inside the battle pass.

COD Mobile Season 4:
Disavowed Crate

This new crate name Disavowed also come with the Season 4 battle pass featuring LK24 Viking as the main weapon in the crate.

LK24 Viking

Call of Duty Mobile LK24 skin: Viking - zilliongamer

COD Mobile Season 4:
New Gamemodes

There are 2 new gamemodes that come in COD Mobile Season 4 and you can play it right now.

Hard Point Gamemode

COD Mobile Season 4 New gamemode: Hardpoint - zilliongamer

Capture and hold the Hardpoint to earn points and win the game. Hardpoint is also availble in ranked match as well in Season 4 gamemode rotation.

Warfare Battle Royale 20vs20

COD Mobile Season 4 New gamemode: Warfare - zilliongamer

Fight alongside teammates against twenty enemies. Infinite respawn. Players will keep their equipment upon respawn.

More detail of Warfare

COD Mobile Season 4:
New Map Cage

The complete new map known as CAGE that never been in any previous Call of Duty series is now available for you to play. Go Test it out.

COD Mobile Season 4 New map: Cage - zilliongamer

Cage is a small map pack with close action combat and high ground low ground fighting.

COD Mobile Season 4:
New Operator Skill H.I.V.E

H.I.V.E is the newest operator skill that come in COD Mobile Season 4. You will need to complete in quests to unlock H.I.V.E operator skill.

COD Mobile H.I.V.E Operator Skill - zilliongamer

More detail on H.I.V.E


In Short, This is all the new stuff in COD Mobile Season 4: Rise of Soap Day 1. There will be more new content in the upcoming days. Also keep track on our website for the new Call of Duty Mobile best guns in Season 4.

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