H.I.V.E Operator Skill

H.I.V.E is the newest Operator skill in Call of Duty Mobile that will release on March 1st. Find more detail about HIVE gun here.

COD Mobile H.I.V.E Operator Skill - zilliongamer

H.I.V.E Operator skill description:

Use a hive gun to launch a trap of proximity mines. When triggered, the mines will release a swarm of nano drones that kill nearby enemies.

How to use H.I.V.E Operator skill

Think of HIVE as a War machine but didn't explode when shoot but shock the enemy to dead instead.

When using HIVE you will shoot out a small white electric ball that can stick to any surface anywhere.

When the enemy walk into it, they will triggered and kill the enemy almost instantly. HIVE operator skill work similar to trip mine but without explosive.

This operator skill has only 6 bullets which require to be more calculate when using it.

H.I.V.E Operator skill gameplay:

Thanks to MURDABLAST YT for a high quality gameplay with the H.I.V.E operator skill.