Battle Royale Warfare 20vs20 Gamemode

Battle Royale Warefare is a new battle royale mode that come with Season 3 in COD Mobile. Find out more detail about this gamemode here.

Gamemode Overview

COD Mobile Gamemode Overview: Warfare 20vs20 - zilliongamer

Warefare is a 20vs20 battle royale gameplay this mode is is like a deathmatch mode but with more players and bigger map.

You will only need to loot once for the entire game because you got the infinite respawn without losing items or guns when you die.

You will witness all the intense battle which happen on the ground, grenade, smoke, class usage, and more.

This gamemode is very intense to play especially after the 2 phase of safe zone which make you fight against every enemy you see.

Gamemode Objective

COD Mobile Gamemode Objective: Warfare 20vs20 - zilliongamer

The main objective when playing Warfare is to reach the elimination score of 150, team that reach the score first win the game.

Gamemode Guide - How To Win in Warfare Mode

COD Mobile Gamemode Guide: Warfare 20vs20 - zilliongamer

The first 2 to 3 minutes you should spend your time looting for the best items and guns that you can find.

Long range scope: Try to find long range scope because it is very important for you later on when the battle start.

Suppressor: You will also need suppressor to avoid your enemy to pin point your position.

Armour & Heal: This is essential that you can get some health and armour to extend your surviving chance after fighting against your enemy.

Move into the combat phase you will see the chaotic going around you, you will need to find a good position for yourself to help your team to reach the kill limited.

Claim high ground: Claiming high ground is very important in Warfare and that is when long range scope and suppressor come to ues, you can snipe enemy easily with 2 of the attachments from high ground.

Practice long range: Use this gamemode as a practice to improve your long range shooting skill.

Reward List

Play 1 BR Warefare match100 Credits
Play 2 BR Warefare matchScout - Gridiron Football
Play 3 BR Warefare matchParachute - Gridiron Football
Kill 5 enemies in BR Warefare match100 Credits
Kill 10 enemies in BR Warefare matchClown - Gridiron Football


In short, Warefare is a very good gamemode for battle royale players who don't like to wander around trying to find enemy, here the enemy will find you instead.

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