COD Mobile Best Gun for Season 6: Nerf and Buff Change

COD Mobile Season 6 update is coming next week! The season 6 update has a ton of buff change to the weapons, find all the best guns nerf and buff here.

COD Mobile Best Guns Season 5 that will get nerf in Season 6


The best gun in Season 5 the HBRa3 is finally get a nerf rumoring the free version will drop next update.

COD Mobile Best Gun for Season 6 Nerf: HBRa3 - zilliongamer

Nerf: Aiming speed and accuracy reduced when firing.

HBRa3 is one of the best assault rifle in Season 5, reducing the aiming speed means that the gun will take fewer milliseconds to scope in, and the accuracy when fire will affect long spray down.


Another gun that get used a lot in master and above rank the Man-O-War also get a nerf as well.

COD Mobile Best Gun for Season 6 Buff: Man-O-War - zilliongamer

Nerf: Reduce accuracy.

One thing the Man-O-War has is the pretty high vertical recoil when spraying, with the accuracy nerf the gun will be harder control when doing long spray.

COD Mobile Season 5 Guns that will get buff in Season 6


The newest assault rifle season 5 is getting a buff in the next season as well.

COD Mobile Best Gun for Season 6 Buff: HVK-30 - zilliongamer

Buff: Increase damage and reload speed.

HVK-30 is already on the best gun category in season 5 already, the only thing it lack is the reload speed with this buff, the HVK-30 will be the best gun to use in season 6.

If you haven't get the gun yet, get it right now.


This SMG have been nerf 2 times back to back, now it getting a buff back to the game.

COD Mobile Best Gun for Season 6 Buff: MSMC - zilliongamer

Buff: Increased stability and accuracy.

This is a huge buff for the MSMC user, we will see a lot of run and gun meta back, the buff basically bring back the season 3 msmc back to action.


The S36 lmg has been left in the dust after the recoil nerf back in season 5, now it get a little buff back.

COD Mobile Best Gun for Season 6 Buff: S36 - zilliongamer

Buff: Increased stability.

Coming into season 6 we will see a comeback of S36, increased stability means that the recoil will be more stable when firing.


The BK57 is also getting a accuracy buff making the gun a choice of the next season.

COD Mobile Best Gun for Season 6 Buff: BK57 - zilliongamer

Buff: Increased accuracy.

The BK57 is already a very easy gun to use with great damage, low recoil, and long range compatible, with this buff we will see it in the choice of the best ar in Season 6.


The RPD is the best lmg to use right now, and it also getting a buff coming into season 6 as well.

COD Mobile Best Gun for Season 6 Buff: RPD - zilliongamer

Buff: Increased accuracy during firing.

After the nerf of S36 in Season 5, the RPD is getting the most recognition especially at this period of season. The buff make RPD accuracy even more accurate when firing.


The UL736 is an underrated lmg that doesn't get much recognize, it's also getting a buff as well.

COD Mobile Best Gun for Season 6 Buff: UL736 - zilliongamer

Buff: Increased stability.

The reason the UL736 doesn't get use much in the current season, is because of the high vertical recoil when firing, hopefully the stability buff can help the gun to handle better in long spray.


The ICR-1 is another assault rifle that doesn't get recognize much in the current season is also get a huge buff.

COD Mobile Best Gun for Season 6 Buff: ICR-1 - zilliongamer

Buff: Aiming speed and accuracy increased.

The ICR-1 recoil is good, fire rate is also good, one thing the gun lack of is the damage, the buff though help increased the aiming speed and accuracy which improve it overall stats. Hopefully we see this gun in the top bracket among the other ar.


In conclusion, the HVK-30, Man-O-War is a huge threat for the next season, so get the gun already if you haven't and we might as well see the comeback of MSMC and S36.

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End of Season 6 Gun Nerf and Buffs.

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