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Vandal Overview

The price of Vandal rifle is 2900 credits.

Valorant Vandal Rifle Stats, Guides, & Skins - zilliongamer

Valorant Vandal cost 2900 credits, it has high damage, fast fire rate, and very high accuracy. Vandal is similar to AK-47 in CSGO. The the recoil of Vandal is a bit higher than Phantom.

Vandal Stats - Damage, Fire Rate, & Tier

VandalStats & Tier
Damage:33 / 39 / 156
Fire Rate:

Primary: 9.25

Alternate: 8.32

Magazine Size:25

Valorant weapon tier list

Vandal Spray Pattern - Recoil Test

This recoil test of Vandal spray pattern is being spray in 20 meter range. (Most combat range.)

Hip Fire PatternScope in Pattern
Valorant Vandal Spray pattern (Hip fire) - zilliongamerValorant Vandal Spray pattern (Scope in) - zilliongamer

Vandal Guides - How to use Vandal

Primary fire: Vandal primary fire is really good to use for spraying in close range, it is very effective for the first 3 to 6 bullets after that the recoil will be random.

Alternative fire: When using alternative fire, Vandal will have scope on the gun and reduce the fire rate and recoil, the alternative is very effective when spraying medium to long range.

Spraying with Vandal: Vandal is one of the best spray gun that can eliminate enemy really fast, especially the first 3 to 6 bullets, try to practice short spray and manage the accurate of your aim.

Best time to use Vandal: Use Vandal in a full buy round, this gun is a choice between the Phantom or the Vandal base on your playstyle, but the 2 guns are the most use during the full buy rounds.

Vandal Skins - Price & How To Unlock

Weapon skin make your gun look nice visually and feel refresh. Here are all the Vandal skins in Valorant:

Aristocrat Vandal

Valorant Vandal Aistocrat skin - zilliongamer

Name: Aristocrat
Price: N/A

Dot Exe Vandal

Valorant Vandal Dot Exe skin - zilliongamer

Name: Dot Exe
Price: N/A

Luxe Vandal

Valorant Vandal Luxe skin - zilliongamer

Name: Luxe
Price: N/A

Prime Vandal

Valorant Vandal Prime skin - zilliongamer

Name: Prime
Price: N/A

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