Valorant Rifle Weapon List

Find all weapon stats chart including damage, and fire rate of all rifle in Valorant here!

There are 4 weapons in Rifle class in Valorant such as Bulldog, Guardian, Phantom, and Vandal.

Rifle List & Stats

NameDamageFire Rate
Bulldog Rifle | Valorant - zilliongamerBulldog

Head: 116 

Body: 30

Leg: 30

Prime: 9.15

Alt: 4

Guardian Rifle | Valorant - zilliongamerGuardian

Head: 195

Body: 65

Leg: 49

Prime: 6.5

Alt: 6.5

Phantom Rifle | Valorant - zilliongamerPhantom

Head: 124

Body: 31

Leg: 26

Prime: 11

Alt. 9.9

Vandal Rifle | Valorant - zilliongamerVandal

Head: 156

Body: 39

Leg: 33

Prime: 9.25

Alt: 8.32

Rifle Information - Features & Guides

Weapon Features

High Headshot Damage: All Rifle has the highest headshot damage among other gun in Valorant, which make it reliable to use.

Good Fire Rate: The Rifle fire rate for both prime and alternative is really good making each rifle time-to-kill really fast.

All Range Rounder: All guns in Rifle are good in close, and long range.

Weapon Guides

Aim for Head: The Rifle head damage is really high which only require 1 or 2 shots to kill an enemy so aiming for the head is really good.

Practice short burst spray: When using Rifle, the first 3 to 5 bullets will seal the deal whether you or the enemy will die in the fight, try practice short burst spray of 3 - 6 bullets in the head.

Single Shot for Long range: A rifle like Guardian fit this tips very well, when you have a rifle that has high damage, a single shot in long range is far more effective than full auto spray.

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