Valorant Sidearm Weapon List

Find all weapon stats chart including damage, and fire rate of all shotgun in Valorant here.

There are 5 weapons in Sidearm class in Valorant such as Classic, Shorty, Frenzy, Ghost, and Sheriff.

Sidearm List & Stats

NameDamageFire Rate
Classic Sidearm | Valorant - zilliongamerClassic

Head: 78

Body: 26

Leg: 22

Prime: 6.75

Alt: 2.22

Shorty Sidearm | Valorant - zilliongamerShorty

Head: 36

Body: 12

Leg: 10

Frenzy Sidearm | Valorant - zilliongamerFrenzy

Head: 78

Body: 26

Leg: 22

Ghost Sidearm | Valorant - zilliongamerGhost

Head: 105

Body: 30

Leg: 26

Sheriff Sidearm | Valorant - zilliongamerSheriff

Head: 160 

Body: 55

Leg: 247


Sidearm Information - Features & Guides

Weapon Features

High Headshot damage: Sidearm has high headshot damage make it a very good alternative weapon to use when the primary gun run out of bullet.

Weapon Guides

Aim to the Head area: As mentioned above the sidearm gun has very high headshot damage, so headshot is really effective.

Use during Save round: When you have low credits, a sidearm is a good weapon that you can buy and play in save round.

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