Valorant SMGs Weapon List

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There are 2 weapons in SMG class in Valorant such as Stinger and Spectre.

SMGs List & Stats

NameDamageFire Rate
Stinger Smg | Valorant - zilliongamerStinger

Head: 67

Body: 27

Leg: 23

Prime: 18 

Alt: 4

Spectre Smg | Valorant - zilliongamerSpectre

Head: 78

Body: 26

Leg: 22

Prime: 13 

Alt: 12

SMGs Information - Features & Guides

Weapon Features

Fast Fire Rate: SMGs has really fast fire rate making the gun time to kill is really fast.

Weapon Guides

Take Close range fight: Playing SMGs you need to take more close range fight, because the gun prime is in close range.

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