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Valorant Patch Notes 1.09 - zilliongamerValorant Patch Note 1.09Here is information about Valorant patch notes 1.09 update including Operator nerf and Agent nerfs and buffs
Best Gun in Valorant: Weapon Tier List - zilliongamerBest Gun in ValorantFind the best gun in Valorant closed beta version here.
How to get Valorant Beta Key - zilliongamerHow to get Valorant Beta KeyFind out how to get Valorant key for beta game version here.

Weapon List

TopicWeapon Summary
Rifle List | Valorant Gun - zilliongamer

Rifle list

Great for range combat with high damage and very accurate.

Sniper List | Valorant Gun - zilliongamer

Sniper list

Scope gun with fast bullet travel speed and very high damage.

Smgs List | Valorant Gun - zilliongamer

Smgs list

Good damage, very fast fire rate, great for close range.

Heavy List | Valorant Gun - zilliongamer

Heavy list

Good damage, fast fire rate, high magazine size, great for spamming.

Shotgun List | Valorant Gun - zilliongamer

Shotgun list

Very high damage in close range with good accuracy.

Sidearm List | Valorant Gun - zilliongamer

Siderarm list

Alternative gun when main gun run out of bullet or use during save round.

Character | Agent List

TopicAgent name & Role
Agent Jett | Valorant Character - zilliongamer


Role: Duelist

Agent Phoenix | Valorant Character - zilliongamer


Role: Duelist

Agent Cypher | Valorant Character - zilliongamer


Role: Sentinel

Agent Sage | Valorant Character - zilliongamer


Role: Sentinel

Agent Breach | Valorant Character - zilliongamer


Role: Initiator

Agent Sova | Valorant Character - zilliongamer


Role: Initiator

Agent Brimestone | Valorant Character - zilliongamer


Role: Controller

Agent Omen | Valorant Character - zilliongamer


Role: Controller

Agent Viper | Valorant Character - zilliongamer


Role: Controller

Agent Killjoy | Valorant Character - zilliongamer


Role: Sentinel

Game Information

Valorant is a new 5v5 fps (first person shooting) game that released the beta on 7th April, and plan to release to global on the near summer. The game is developed by Riot Games and only for PC version curently.

Release Date:7th April, 2020 (Closed Beta)
Price:Free To Play
Genres:5v5 First Person Shooter, Multiplayer
Social Media:Twitter

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