Valorant Heavy Weapon List

Find all weapon stats chart including damage, and fire rate of all Heavy in Valorant here.

There are 2 weapons in Heavy class in Valorant such as Ares and Odin.

Heavy List & Stats

NameDamageFire Rate
Ares Heavy | Valorant - zilliongamerAres

Head: 72

Body: 30

Leg: 25

Prime: 13

Alt: 13

Odin Heavy | Valorant - zilliongamerOdin

Head: 95

Body: 38

Leg: 32

Prime: 15.6

Alt: 15.6

Heavy Information - Features & Guides

Weapon Features

Progressive Fire rate: When start firing any heavy guns, the fire rate will start to increase base on how long the spray is.

High magazine: Heavy gun has a lot of ammo per magazine making it easy to spam through the wall.

Weapon Guides

Wallbang Spray: Playing with Heavy gun require to have good map wallbang spots because it has high penetration and really good to kill enemy through some wall angle.

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