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Odin Overview

The price of Odin heavy is 3200 credits.

Valorant Odin Heavy Stats, Guides, & Skins - zilliongamer

Odin is in heavy class of Valorant. Odin has high damage, and fast progressive fire rate, with high wall penetration, and high mag size. Overall Odin is a very good heavy gun to use for wall spamming.

Odin Stats - Damage, Fire Rate, & Tier

OdinStats & Tier
Damage:32 / 38 / 95
Range Damage:26 / 31 / 77
Fire Rate:

Primary: 12 - 15.6

Alternate: 15.6

Magazine Size:50

Odin Guides - How to use Odin

Wall spamming: Use Odin for wall spam is very good, because the gun has high wall penetration, very high magazine size and very fast fire rate after the time as well.

Odin Skins - Price & How To Unlock

Weapon skin make your gun look nice visually and feel refresh. Here are all the Odin skins in Valorant:

Odin Dot Exe

Valorant Odin Skin: Dot Exe - zilliongamer

Name: Dot Exe
Price: N/A

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