Valorant Sniper Weapon List

Find all weapon stats chart including damage, and fire rate of all sniper in Valorant here.

There are 2 weapons in Sniper class in Valorant such as Marshall and Operator.

Sniper List & Stats

NameDamageFire Rate
Marshal Sniper | Valorant - zilliongamerMarshal

Head: 202

Body: 101

Leg: 85

Prime: 1.5

Alt: 1.2

Operator Sniper | Valorant - zilliongamerOperator

Head: 255

Body: 150

Leg: 127


Sniper Information - Features & Guides

Weapon Features

Very High Damage: Both Sniper known for having the highest damage among other guns in Valorant that can 1 shot the enemy.

High Accuracy Scope: Sniper has a very accurate reticle when scoping in allow you to kill an enemy that is at far range easier.

Weapon Guides

Aim for Body: When using sniper it is better to aim for body instead of head because it has bigger hitbox make it easier to land your shot.

Holding Angle: Sniper is really good to use for holding angle like long, short, or mid in the map, because the power of killing 1 shot is high.

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