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Guardian Overview

The price of Guardian rifle is 2700 credits.

Valorant Guardian Rifle Stats, Guides, & Skins - zilliongamer

Valorant Guardian cost 2700 credits, it has very high damage but only it is single fire which require accurate aim to master. It is good in medium to long range gun.

Guardian Stats - Damage, Fire Rate, & Tier

GuardianStats & Tier
Damage:49 / 65 / 195
Fire Rate:6.5
Magazine Size:12

Valorant weapon tier lis

Guardian Spray Pattern - Recoil Test

Guardian is a single fire gun, so the spray pattern is not available.

Guardian Guides - How to use Guardian

Tap Fire: Guardian is a semi-automatic rifle which require you to tap fire instead of hold down left click and spray, it won't work. Rapid tap fire is not accurate either. You need to tap consistently and that is when the accurate recoil of the gun kick in.

Aim to the Head: When using Guardian the best place to aim is the enemy head, this gun can 1 shot the enemy in any range if you hit the headshot.

Holding the angle with Guardian: This gun is very good to use for angle holding, when holding tight angle you just place your crosshair on the head area and wait for the enemy to walk in.

Best time to use Guardian: Guardian can be use in any round after you win the pistol rounds, it depend on if you want to use the gun or not.

Guardian Skins - Price & How To Unlock

Weapon skin make your gun look nice visually and feel refresh. Here are all the Guardian skins in Valorant:

Prime Guardian

Valorant Guardian Prime skin - zilliongamer

Name: Prime
Price: N/A

Galleria Guardian

Valorant Guardian Galleria skin - zilliongamer

Name: Galleria
Price: N/A

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