Best Gun in Valorant: Weapon Tier List

Find the best gun in Valorant here including the tier list of each weapons such as rifle, sniper, sidearm, and smgs.

Valorant Weapon Tier List Patch (1.02)

TierWeapon name
SVandal, Operator, Ghost
APhantom, Guardian, Sheriff, Spectre, Bulldog
BMarshal, Stinger, Odin, Classic, Judge
DAres, Frenzy, Shorty, Bucky

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Best Rifle in Valorant

The best rifle to use in Valorant are Vandal, Phantom, and Guardian.


Valorant Vandal Rifle Stats, Guides, & Skins - zilliongamer

Vandal is the best rifle in Valorant closed beta, the gun fit perfectly any range, with high headshot damage, fast fire rate, and good recoil control.

The first 5 to 6 bullets of Vandal is very accurate which is good for short burst headshot.


Valorant Phantom Rifle Stats, Guides, & Skins - zilliongamer

Phantom is the second best rifle in this version, the gun good to use in any range, the prime power of Phantom is in close range which is 0 to 20m.

It has great headshot damage, and very fast fire rate but lack of power when come into long range fight.


Valorant Guardian Rifle Stats, Guides, & Skins - zilliongamer

Guardian rank the third best rifle in the closed beta version, the guardian is a very powerful gun to use in all range but it is a single fire gun.

The accurate of the guardian can be rough if you tap fire too fast.

Best Sniper in Valorant

The best sniper to use in Valorant in Operator.


Valorant Operator Sniper Stats, Guides, & Skins - zilliongamer

Operator is the best sniper to use in Valorant closed beta, this gun can 1 shot the enemy in any range from the upper body area to the head.

Using Operator is very effective when holding the angles of spike side entrance, mid and more.

Best Sidearm in Valorant

The best pistol to use in Valorant are: Ghost, and Sheriff.


Valorant Ghost Sidearm Stats, Guides, & Skins - zilliongamer

Ghost is the best pistol to use in Valorant closed beta that come with a silencer. The gun has high headshot damage in close range and fast fire rate.


Valorant Sheriff Sidearm Stats, Guides, & Skins - zilliongamer

Sheriff rank the second best pistol to use in closed beta that has very high headshot damage in any range.

However, the recoil of the Sheriff is very high and is not accurate when shooting the gun too fast.

Best SMGs in Valorant

The best submachine gun to use in Valorant is Spectre.


Valorant Spectre SMG Stats, Guides, & Skins - zilliongamer

Spectre is the best smg in Valorant closed beta that come with silencer and has good damage with very fast fire rate.

The time to kill of Spectre is very fast in close range combat which is it's prime range.

Weapon Tier Explained

We create this tier list to prove which weapon is the best. By adding 4 total letters to identify the quality of all weapons such as "S, A, B, C".

S: Best

A: Great

B: Good

C: Decent


In conclusion, these are all the best gun in Valorant that you should practice with it, most of the gun has high headshot and fast fire rate which make the time to kill of the gun really fast.

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End of Valorant Best Guns Tier list

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