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Bulldog Overview

The price of Bulldog rifle is 2100 credits.

Valorant Bulldog Rifle Stats, Guides, & Skins - zilliongamer

Valorant Bulldog cost 2100 credits, it has good damage, medium fire rate with 2 firing mode. Bulldog is similar to Famas in CSGO, the recoil of Bulldog is low and easy to control..

Bulldog Stats - Damage, Fire Rate, & Tier

BulldogStats & Tier
Damage:30 / 35 / 116
Fire Rate:

Primary: 9.15

Alternate: 4

Magazine Size:


Wall Penetration:




Valorant weapon tier list

Bulldog Spray Pattern - Recoil Test

This recoil test of Bulldog spray pattern is being spray in 20 meter range. (Most combat range).

Hip Fire PatternScope in Pattern
Bulldog Valorant Spray pattern (Hip fire) - zilliongamerBulldog Valorant Spray pattern (Scope in) - zilliongamer

Bulldog Guides - How to use Bulldog

Primary fire: Bulldog is fully automatic when using the primary fire (left click) good for spraying enemy in medium range.

Alternative fire: When using alternative fire Bulldog turn into a burst gun with scope that shoot 3 bullets per burst, really good in close range, become less accurate when the enemy is further.

Spraying with Bulldog: Bulldog spray is very accurate with the first 5 to 7 bullets, after that you want to reset the control to avoid random control spray.

Holding angle with Bulldog: If you are holding a close angle with bulldog it is better to use alternative fire because it can kill faster that full auto if you hit all your shot.

Best time to use Bulldog: Use Bulldog when you know the enemy are saving or after you win the pistol rounds. Sometime when you have low credits and want to use rifle, bulldog is a good gun to use as well.

Bulldog Skins - Price & How To Unlock

Weapon skin make your gun look nice visually and feel refresh. Here are all the Bulldog skins in Valorant:

Aristrocrat Bulldog

Valorant Bulldog Aristrocrat skin - zilliongamer

Name: Aristrocrat
Price: N/A

Couture Bulldog

Valorant Bulldog Couture skin - zilliongamer

Name: Couture
Price: N/A

Rush Bulldog

Valorant Bulldog Rush skin - zilliongamer

Name: Rush
Price: N/A

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