Top 4 PUBG Mobile Tips For Beginner

Here are the top 4 tips in PUBG Mobile to help Beginner understand the main game objective and mechanic such as looting awareness, map knowledge, and shooting skill.

Game Main Objective Tips

First of all, you need to know that PUBG MOBILE is a battle royale game and your main objective is to become the last survivor out of every other player in your game which famously known as:

"Winner Winner Chicken Dinner"

The Game starts by putting you into a lobby of other 99 players and flies you across the map. You will have to pick a location on the map to drop and start finding items in particular areas. Then the GAS will start to move and force you into the safe area and fight off other players. The GAS Phase repeats until the last person survives.

Tips: There are zero rules apply to the gameplay. You can play the game however you want to complete the objective.

Here are some examples of how you can play the game:

  • Shoot your enemy behind their back.
  • Prone and wait for the enemy to come toward you.
  • Hide inside houses or shacks until the last circle phase.
  • Rush your enemy no matter what. (My Favorite)
  • Run over your enemy by Vehicle.

There are lots more that you can think of and apply it to your game.

Find Good Items & Surviving The Gas

It is important to have good items with you because it helps to increase your surviving chances. Isolate yourself to be safe in any situation or position at all costs.

Tips on finding good items

By Items, I mean Weapons, Ammunition, Attachments, Armour, & Consumption Items.

Items divided into 2: World Spawn Items and Air Drops Items.

Items are RNG which means sometimes you can run into good items and sometimes bad. Dropping into City or Town helps increase your chances of finding good items but you most likely run into other players as well.

In other to find good items without running into enemies you need to pick a City or a Town far from others where only you land there so you can have a peaceful time finding all of the good items by yourself.

 Surviving The Gas or Blue Zone

Blue Zone or Gas is your second worst enemy. It reduced your health ticks by ticks when you are inside them. From phase to phase the damage reduction will be harder and harder until you can no longer survive in it and die.

So, In other to survive the gas you will have to prepare your healing items and make sure you have enough of it to survive inside the gas zone. But once the gas zone gets into phase 8 you can no longer stay outside and heal, you must go inside the safe zone.

Items like:

It helps you to sustain and increase your health points against the blue zone. Always try to find bandages at least 10 with you because you might need it during any critical moment.

Understand the Map Zone

Map Zone are formed in circles, Phase after phase the zone will zoom in smaller and smaller and force all the players to face each other one way or another.

It is important to know what zone you are in, Are you safe enough?, Do you need to make rotation? or Will you get hit by a random bomb or nuke from the sky?

Here In PUBG MOBILE, there are 4 zones in the game. As you can see in the image down below.

Blue Zone or Gas: This zone reduces your health point when you are inside it. It will reduce your health more and more when it gets smaller. Do not stay inside the gas after phase 6.

Red Zone: This zone is dangerous and unpredictable, the spawn is random and laster a couple of minutes. When you are inside this zone please find covers like house or shack to prevent from getting bombed and die.

Play Zone: This is the "Action is coming" zone. Most of the firefights happen here inside the play zone. It is a temporary zone between the blue zone and a safe zone. You don't want to stick here longer because it will get run over by the blue zone when the timer runs out.

Safe Zone: It might sound safe but believe me it is not. You will need to hold your position once you are inside the safe zone, protect your location from all the enemy. The Safe zone also moves after the blue zone close so if you are lucky enough you might get 2 or 3 Safe zones in one game.

You can visit my map guide for more detail according to all of 4 maps in PUBG MOBILE.

Learn How To Shoot Close & Long Range

Now that you already know the basic stuff in the game here is where the crucial part for you. I told you that the game objective is to survive until you become the last person which mean you need to have an ability to shoot and kill your enemies and there are no other ways around that.

You can practice shooting both close and long-range in the fire practice range on the main menu or you can see in the image down below:

Once you get into the range there are all sorts of weapons and attachments in there like scope, grip and other more. Start practicing at least 3 minutes before you enter your match and I guaranteed you will feel better.

Weapon Mechanic Function

The gunfights are very important which is why you need to know and understand the weapon mechanic function. There are 3 fire functions in PUBG MOBILE:

  • Single Fire
  • Burst Fire
  • Auto Fire

Not all weapons have all these 3 functions most of them have only single and auto fire. Now, why do you need to know about this? Because it can help you to take advantage out of only 1 weapon if you use it correctly.

Single Fire: Fire One bullet at a time, good for long-range shooting, accurate and easy to control.

Burst Fire: Fire Multiple bullets at a time, good for close-range shooting, deal high damage but harder to control.

Auto Fire or Spray: Fire Rapid bullets at a time, good for close and mid-range shooting, deal high damage and require proper control to land the bullet.

Here's an example:

  • You are in a firefight against your enemy and you only have M416 Assault Rifle, it has 2 fire modes: Single Fire and Auto Fire.
    • You put a 6x scope on it then switch to single fire and start shooting long range if your enemy is further from you. 
    • You put a 2x scope or Red dot sight on it and switch to auto-fire and start spraying if your enemy is close to you.

And that is how you take advantage of the weapon you have and it could come in handy when you didn't have a sniper rifle or an auto sniper rifle as your secondary weapon.

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