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There 4 Maps that you can play in PUBG Mobile. Here is all maps guide:

Erangel Map Guide

Erangel: an 8x8 island map surrounded by water and 2 bridge connected to another island. With a lot of roads and towns for players to drop in and loot.

Erangle Map | Pubg Mobile - zilliongamer your game guide

Miramar Map Guide

Miramar: an 8x8 desert map with higher and lower terrain good for sniping and long-range combat. With a variety of roads and huge cities for players to drop in and loot.

Miramar Map in PUBG MOBILE - zilliongamer your game guide

Sanhok Map Guide

Sanhok: A 4x4 map of 3 islands connected by bridges. A good map for pack action and mixed with close and long-range combat.

Sanhok Map in PUBG MOBILE -zilliongamer your game guide

Vikendi Map Guide

Vikendi: A 6x6 snow map with a lot of towns and cities for players to drop in an start looting.

Vikendi Map Guide - zilliongamer


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