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  • Kar98K


    Date : 2018-06-27 By : Ratanak
    Kar98K - PUBG MOBILE. This single bolt sniper rifle fires 7.62mm rounds that can one-shot players in rank 2 headgear. Relies heavily on scope and skills.
  • M24


    Date : 2018-06-27 By : Ratanak
    M24 - PUBG MOBILE. M24 is a great bolt action sniper rifle that fires 7.62mm rounds. Second only to the AWM and can eliminate players in Lv.2 headgear with one shot. Relies heavily on scopes and skills.
  • AWM


    Date : 2018-06-28 By : Ratanak
    AWM - PUBG MOBILE. Obtained from airdrops. It is the most powerful bolt sniper rifle and fires unique magnum rounds. Deals extremely high damage and ignores rank 3 headgear in long distance.
  • Win94


    Date : 2019-01-31 By : Ratanak
    Win94 - PUBG MOBILE. Win94 fires .45 ACP rounds with 8 bullets per Mag. Very powerful and fast bullet travel but cannot be equipped with any scopes. Win94 can only be found in Miramar, Sanhok and Vikendi.