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Win94 - PUBG MOBILE. Win94 fires .45rounds. Very powerful and fast, but cannot equipped with any scope. 

Win94 Weapon Stats & Tier

Win94 - Weapon Stats

Win94 PUBG Mobile Weapon Stats & Tier - zilliongamer

Power:66 | 100
Range:60 | 100
Recoil:11 | 100
Firing Speed:1 | 100
Ammo Type:.45 ACP.45 ACP Ammo Type | PUBG Mobile - zilliongamer
Weapon Type:Sniper Rifle (SR)
Magazine Capacity:8

Win94 - Weapon Tier

×This Weapon tier is not PUBG Mobile Official. It is judging by weapon stats.

Win94 Tier: B

Win94 Attachments Setup

Compatible Attachments

Win94 is compatible with 1 attachment type.

Win94 PUBG Mobile Best Attachment - zilliongamer

Bullet LoopBullet Loop | PUBG Mobile - zilliongamer-Reload Time

Win94 Skins Browse & View

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Desert CamoWin94 PUBG Mobile Skin: Desert Camo - zilliongamer 

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