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Kar98K - PUBG MOBILE. This single bolt sniper rifle fire 7.62mm rounds that can one-short players in rank 2 headgear. Relies heavily on scope and skills.

Kar98K Weapon Stats & Tier

Kar98K - Weapon Stats

Kar98K Weapon Stats & Tier - zilliongamer

Power:74 | 100
Range:90 | 100
Recoil:13 | 100
Firing Speed:1 | 100
Ammo Type:7.62mm7.62mm Ammo Type | PUBG Mobile - zilliongamer
Weapon Type:Sniper Rifle (SR)
Magazine Capacity:5

Kar98K - Weapon Tier

×This Weapon tier is not PUBG Mobile Official. It is judging by weapon stats.

Kar98K Tier: A

Kar98K Attachments Setup

Compatible Attachments

Kar98K is compatible with 3 attachments types.

Sniper Compensator in PUBG MobileMuzzle
Scope in PUBG MobileScope
Stock in PUBG MobileStock

Best Attachments

Kar98K Best Attachemnts - zilliongamer

8x Scope8x sight in PUBG MOBILE - zilliongamer

8x CQBSS Scope

SuppressorSniper Rifle Suppressor in PUBG MOBILE - zilliongamer your game guide

-Firing Sound

Bullet Loop
Bullet Loop | PUBG Mobile - zilliongamer

-Reloading Speed

Kar98K Skins Browse & View

Inspect all Kar98K skins in PUBG Mobile here:

×Click on the skin image to view it in full size.

VampirePUBG Mobile Kar98K skin: Vampire - zilliongamerRainbow ShotPUBG Mobile Kar98K skin: Rainbow Shot - zilliongamer
Master of the LandPUBG Mobile Kar98K skin: Master Of The Land - zilliongamerScorchingPUBG Mobile Kar98K skin: Scorching - zilliongamer
Time TravelerPUBG Mobile Kar98K skin: Time Traveler - zilliongamerYellow StripesPUBG Mobile Kar98K skin: Yellow Stripes - zilliongamer
Blood OathPUBG Mobile Kar98K skin: Blood Oath - zilliongamerGold PlatedPUBG Mobile Kar98K skin: Gold Plated - zilliongamer
Extreme RacingPUBG Mobile Kar98K skin: Extreme Racing - zilliongamerSanguinePUBG Mobile Kar98K skin: Sanguine - zilliongamer
LovePUBG Mobile Kar98K skin: Love - zilliongamerGolden SandPUBG Mobile Kar98K skin: Golden Sand - zilliongamer
Rock StarPUBG Mobile Kar98K skin: Rock Star - zilliongamerDesert CamoPUBG Mobile Kar98K skin: Desert Camo - zilliongamer
Rugged (Orange) Rugged (Beige)
PUBG Mobile Kar98K skin: Rugged (Orange) - zilliongamerPUBG Mobile Kar98K skin: Rugged (Beige) - zilliongamer
Dragon's WrathPUBG Mobile Kar98K skin: Dragon's Wrath - zilliongamer 

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