View Kar98K's weapon stats and tier, best attachments and all skins here!

This single bolt sniper rifle fire 7.62mm rounds that can one-short players in rank 2 headgear. Relies heavily on scope and skills.

Kar98K Weapon Stats & Tier

Kar98K - Weapon Stats

Kar98K Weapon Stats & Tier - zilliongamer

  • Power: 74 damage.
  • Range: 0 to 90 meters.
  • Recoil Spread: 13.
  • Ammo Type: 7.62mm.
  • Magazine Capacity: 5.

Kar98K - Weapon Tier

We rank the Kar98k on tier A because this is the most common sniper that you'll mostly run into, it deal high damage and great to use against long range enemies.

Best Kar98K Attachments Setup

The best attachments for Kar98K in PUBG Mobile are:

  • Suppressor.
  • 8x Scope.
  • Bullet Loop.

This is the best Kar98K attachments, it helps to reduces firing sound, and improve your long range visibility, plus you can reload faster.

Kar98K Skins Browse & View

Inspect all Kar98K skins in PUBG Mobile here:

Click on the skin image to view it in full size.

VampirePUBG Mobile Kar98K skin: Vampire - zilliongamerRainbow ShotPUBG Mobile Kar98K skin: Rainbow Shot - zilliongamer
Master of the LandPUBG Mobile Kar98K skin: Master Of The Land - zilliongamerScorchingPUBG Mobile Kar98K skin: Scorching - zilliongamer
Time TravelerPUBG Mobile Kar98K skin: Time Traveler - zilliongamerYellow StripesPUBG Mobile Kar98K skin: Yellow Stripes - zilliongamer
Blood OathPUBG Mobile Kar98K skin: Blood Oath - zilliongamerGold PlatedPUBG Mobile Kar98K skin: Gold Plated - zilliongamer
Extreme RacingPUBG Mobile Kar98K skin: Extreme Racing - zilliongamerSanguinePUBG Mobile Kar98K skin: Sanguine - zilliongamer
LovePUBG Mobile Kar98K skin: Love - zilliongamerGolden SandPUBG Mobile Kar98K skin: Golden Sand - zilliongamer
Rock StarPUBG Mobile Kar98K skin: Rock Star - zilliongamerDesert CamoPUBG Mobile Kar98K skin: Desert Camo - zilliongamer
Rugged (Orange) Rugged (Beige)
PUBG Mobile Kar98K skin: Rugged (Orange) - zilliongamerPUBG Mobile Kar98K skin: Rugged (Beige) - zilliongamer
Dragon's WrathPUBG Mobile Kar98K skin: Dragon's Wrath - zilliongamer 

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