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  • SKS


    Date : 2018-06-28 By : Ratanak
    SKS - PUBG MOBILE. SKS fires 7.62mm rounds. Single shots deal very high damage and can be equipped with a variety of attachments. But it has heavy recoil and is harder to control when firing continuously.
  • VSS


    Date : 2018-06-29 By : Ratanak
    VSS - PUBG MOBILE. VSS fires 9mm rounds and comes with a suppressor and a 4x scope. Light recoil but also less powerful. Difficult to hit moving targets that are far away due to slow initial speed and high bullet drop.
  • SLR


    Date : 2018-09-18 By : Ratanak
    SLR - PUBG Mobile. A Semi-automatic marksman rifle that fires 7.62mm rounds. Powerful recoil but deals a significant amount of damage. It requires some skills when firing continuously.
  • Mk14


    Date : 2019-02-06 By : Ratanak
    Mk14 - PUBG MOBILE. Mk14 fires 7.62mm rounds with 10 bullets per mag. Obtained from airdrops only. Mk14 has light recoil when in single firing while prone, but heavy recoil when in full auto mode.
  • Mini14


    Date : 2019-02-06 By : Ratanak
    Mini14 - PUBG Mobile. Mini14 fires 5.56mm rounds, with high initial speed and low bullet drop. Has the largest magazine of all sniper rifles. Stable but easily spotted due to firing sound.
  • QBU


    Date : 2019-02-06 By : Ratanak
    QBU - PUBG MOBILE. QBU is a modern semi-automatic rifle that fires 5.56mm rounds. Each shot deals high damage but the recoil is strong. Overall excellent rifle.