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SKS - PUBG MOBILE. SKS fires 7.62mm rounds. Single shots deal very high damage and can be equipped with a variety of attachments.

It has heavy recoil and is harder to control when firing continuously.

SKS Weapon Stats & Tier

SKS - Weapon Stats

SKS Weapon Stats | PUBG Mobile

Power:56 | 100
Range:80 | 100
Recoil:50 | 100
Firing Speed:60 | 100
Ammo Type:7.62mm7.62mm Ammo Type | PUBG Mobile - zilliongamer
Weapon Type:DMR
Magazine Capacity:20 | 30

SKS - Weapon Tier

×This Weapon tier is not PUBG Mobile Official. It is judging by weapon stats.

SKS Tier: A

SKS Attachments Setup

Best Attachments

SKS Best Attachments | PUBG Mobile

8x Scope8x sight in PUBG MOBILE - zilliongamer

8x CQBSS Scope

Sniper Rifle Compensator in PUBG MOBILE - zilliongamer your game guide

-Vertical recoil

-Horizontal recoil

Vert. GripVertical Foregrip Attachment in PUBG Mobile.

--Vertical recoil

Q.Ext Mag
Sniper Rifle Extended Quickdraw in PUBG MOBILE - zilliongamer your game guide

+10  bullets

- Reloading time

Cheek PadCheek Pad in PUBG MOBILE - zilliongamer


-Weapon Shake

Compatible Attachments

SKS is compatible with 5 attachments types.

Sniper Compensator in PUBG MobileMuzzle
Scope in PUBG MobileScope
Magazine in PUBG Mobile - zilliongamerMagazine
Foregrip Attachment in PUBG Mobile.Foregrip
Stock in PUBG MOBILE - zilliongamerStock

SKS Skin Browse & View

Inspect all SKS skins in PUBG Mobile here:

×Click on the skin image to view it in full size.

KurenaiPUBG Mobile SKS skin: Kurenai - zilliongamerHome on the MoonPUBG Mobile SKS skin: Home on the Moon - zilliongamer
Rugged (Beige)PUBG Mobile SKS skin: Rugged (Beige) - zilliongamerDesert CamoPUBG Mobile SKS skin: Desert Camo - zilliongamer
Skeleton HandPUBG Mobile SKS skin: Skeleton Hand - zilliongamerTsunamiPUBG Mobile SKS skin: Tsunami - zilliongamer

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