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  • Cheek Pad (SR,DMR)

    Cheek Pad (SR,DMR)

    Date : 2019-02-21 By : Ratanak
    Cheek Pad (SR,DMR) PUBG MOBILE. Cheek Pad is a stock attachment that reduces recoil and weapon shake when firing. It can attach with Sniper Rifles and Designated Makrsman Rifles.
  • Bullet Loops (SR)

    Bullet Loops (SR)

    Date : 2019-02-21 By : Ratanak
    Bullet Loops (SR) PUBG MOBILE. Bullet Loops is a stock attachment for Sniper Rifles that help to reduce reloading speed. It can attach with Kar98k and Win94.
  • Tact Stock (AR,SMG)

    Tact Stock (AR,SMG)

    Date : 2019-02-21 By : Ratanak
    Tact Stock (AR,SMG) PUBG MOBILE. Tact Stock is a stock attachment that help to reduces recoil and weapon shake. It can attach with Assault Rifles and SMG.