COD Mobile Season 4 Battle Pass Leaks Sneak peek

Here we've collect a bunch of leaks for COD Mobile Season 4 Battle Pass. Take a sneak peek down below!

COD Mobile Season 4 Battle Pass Characters Leaks

COD Mobile Season 4 Battle Pass Characters Leaks - zilliongamer

If Call of Duty Mobile follows the season 3 battle pass footstep we will be seeing:

  • John Soap Mactavish in premium tier 1.
  • Urban Tracker (New female character) in tier 12 of permium battle pass.

After the second character leak, Sentinel is now expected to be either in the season 4 crate or lucky draw in the future.

COD Mobile Season 4 Battle Pass Guns Leaks

The theme in COD Mobile Season 3 is future warefare but in season 4 we will be seeing a viking theme applied into the main gun skin which is either RUS-79U or LK24.


COD Mobile Season 4 Battle Pass Gun Theme Leaks: RUS-79U - zilliongamer


COD Mobile Season 4 Battle Pass Gun Theme Leaks: LK24 - zilliongamer

One of the gun skins that mentioned above will be the tier 50 reward in premium season 4 battle pass.

In current states, these are the only 2 guns that leaks for the new season 4 battle pass. More to come!


For now, these are all the leaks for COD Mobile Season 4 battle pass. Surely there will be more to come soon! Make sure to check out our website for more leaks.

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