Best SMG in COD Mobile: Season 9 2022

Submachine Gun or SMG is a close range weapons that mostly features very fast fire rate and fast mobility which allows you to run around well with this weapon class.

There are more than 15 SMGs in Call of Duty Mobile right now so finding which smg that fit your playstyle can be hard. This article helps you pick and choose the best SMG in COD Mobile that most players use in their matches.

1. Switchblade X9

The best smg in COD Mobile is Switchblade X9, this gun is a laser beam for close and mid range gunfight. It deal good damage with extremely fast fire rate and high accuracy plus the recoil easy to handle.

Switchblade X9

The Switchblade X9 is good for those who like to play aggressive rush, moving around the map a lot and find themselves in close range gunfight most of the time, because this gun has very fast time to kill so if you land your shot first you are mostly to win the gunfight.

Best Switchblade X9 loadout

2. CBR4

CBR4 is the second best SMG in COD Mobile, this gun received buffs in Season 9 although it is not as good as its prime, you can still rack up kills with this SMG.


The CBR4 deal great damage, it also has very fast fire rate, and the accuracy of this SMG is very accurate for close to mid range gunfight, the buffs it receives helps improve movement speed when ADS make which the gun great for run n gun playstyle.

Best CBR4 loadout

3. KSP 45

Ranking number three in our list is the KSP 45 burst SMG. This SMG is very good to use but it require great good aim to use and master it.


The KSP45 has the smallest burst spread among other burst guns, and the burst recoil of this gun is very easy to control which make 1 burst kills easy to get especially in close range. The fire rate of each burst is also extremely fast, even if you missed 1 burst you can re-adjust to secure your kills.

Playing with the KSP 45 require you to be aware of your position because you don't want to take mid to long range gunfight with this gun, so make sure most of your combat are in close range.

Best KSP 45 loadout

4. QQ9

The fourth best SMG in Season 9 is the QQ9, this smg is very good for close range gunfight thanks to it high damage and extremely fast fire rate combos.


The QQ9 has insanely fast time to kill in close quarter combat, the enemy go down very quick if you land all your shots on the upper body, however the recoil make it a little hard to be accurate all the time, and the overall mobility of the QQ9 is good which mean you can move around the map with this gun just fine.

The QQ9 fit perfectly for those who like rush into the enemy territory and pick close range gunfight most of the time, despite mostly use for close range gunfight, the QQ9 is also good to use for mid range as well.

Best QQ9 loadout

5. PPSh-41

Ranking at the fifth position is the PPSh-41 smg, this gun is also a beast for close range gunfight thanks to how fast it shoot!


The PPSh-41 deal decent damage with extremely fast fire rate, although the recoil has a little kick which require you to control a little bit when firing for long period. For close range handling PPSh-41 recoil is not a problem, however for mid to long range it is better to avoid those gunfight.

PPSh-41 is great for those who like to play aggressive and pick close range gunfight, although you can play as tactical role with this smg as well!

Best PPSh-41 loadout

6. MAC-10

Standing at sixth place is the MAC-10. This smg is beast to use for close range gunfight


The MAC-10 has very fast fire rate and good damage, this combo is good to use for extremely close range combat, the recoil moderate so mid to long range can be a little harder to use.

Playstyle wise, the MAC-10 is great for aggressive players that like to rush around the map, and cutting off enemy rotation and move out.

Best MAC-10 loadout


The seventh place in our list is the RUS-79U, the old-reliable SMG that has great accuracy with fast fire rate and low recoil control.


RUS-79U or mostly known as AKS-74U always store special place inside COD Mobile players heart, this gun is very reliable to use because of the low recoil control that you can beam mid range enemy and it also deal good damage so 4 to 5 first shots is very accuracy and easy to hit your target.

Best RUS-79U loadout

8.PP19 Bizon

Ranking number eight is the PP18 Bizon SMG in COD Mobile Season 9, this gun is still popular in high rank despite the nerfed it got.

PP19 Bizon

The PP19 Bizon is a high mag SMG that deal great damage with decent fire rate and low recoil control needed. Thanks to the high mag size which make the PP19 Bizon easy to use for multiple kills attempts.

Playstyle wise, the PP19 Bizon is very good for defending plays such as holding off enemy from contesting your hardpoint or domination points.

Best PP19 Bizon loadout


Ranking number nine is the GKS, this 3 shots potential smg sound intriguing but hard to execute. The GKS is some players favorite gun because of how well it perform under the right hand.


The GKS deal very high headshot damage which is why you can three shots enemy with this SMG however what you need to know is that you need to hit 2 headshots in a row to achieve that 3 shots kills which mean 2 headshot and 1 body shot to take down an enemy. It is hard but it's worth it once you get that very fast ttk kills.

Players that like to use the GKS tend to have very good aim, so if you think your aim is good we suggest give it a try, very fun challenge smg plus it improve your aiming skills as well!

Best GKS loadout


At the bottom of our list we have the Razorback, this SMG has good overall performance and worth giving a try!


The Razorback deal good damage with fast fire rate and pretty accurate for close to mid range gunfight, the gun mobility is useable so you need to play more of a tactical and holding position to secure your kills.

Razorback a 4-5 shots to kill smg and the recoil is not that bad so most of the time you can get that 4 shots to kill easily. It also has a decent size magazine capacity as well.

Best Razorback loadout

To Wrap Up our SMG list

In conclusion, we hope our best SMG list provide some helpful or at least help you decide which SMG that you want to use or fit your playstyle perfectly.

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