Best Assault rifle in COD Mobile: Season 9 2022

Assault rifle is a powerful type of weapons that dominating mid to long range gunfight in COD Mobile with great accuracy and low recoil control.

Currently, there are more than 20 assault rifles in COD Mobile but not all of them pack the same power which mean that some ARs are weaker than the other

Best Assault Rifle COD Mobile Season 9 2022

This article will let you know what is the best Assault rifle in COD Mobile and 7 most powerful ARs in Season 9 2022 used by professional and high ranked players.

Best Assault Rifle for COD Mobile Season 9

Here are the 7 most powerful assault rifle in Season 9 Zombies Are Back:

  1. Krig 6
  2. Kilo 141
  3. M13
  4. AS VAL
  5. Peacekeeper MK2
  6. ICR-1
  7. M16

These are the most popular assault rifles to used by pros and high ranked players. Find out the reason of what make these guns become the best assault rifle in COD Mobile here:

7. M16

The M16 just receive an accuracy and fire rate buff at the start of the season which make the gun shoot faster and easier to get the 1 burst kills.


The M16 is available to use since the launch of COD Mobile. However, the gun doesn't seems to attract a lot of players until season 9 buffs and now more and more players start to play with this gun.

The M16 is now very lethal for mid range combat, 1 burst kill is easier to achieve and the shake of recoil has toned down noticeably. Missing a shot penalty is not as high as before because you can just readjust and the fast fire rate will make up for it.

We put M16 on number 7 now the gun can actually do what we said it could do, a 1 burst Assault rifle.

Best M16 loadout

6. ICR-1

We have the ICR-1 on number 6 because this is another gun that also receive a buffs inside season 9 as well making the gun a little easier to get that 3 shots kills.


The ICR-1 is very well known of its low recoil and fast fire rate combos, the gun also has great accuracy and decent damage, it all changed after the multipliers buffs it received.

The ICR-1 now has a higher potential of 3 shots kill in any ranges (only if you head all 3 headshots) these might take a lot of time to master but it is possible because the gun basically has 0 recoil and very great stability when firing.

When come to mid range you can still 3 shots the target with the ICR-1 but you need at least 1 headshot and 1 chest shot to achieve that. 

The ICR-1 is a good gun that you should try it out in Season 9 and practice the gun because it is fun and lethal at the same time.

Best ICR-1 loadout

5. Peacekeeper MK2

Ranking Number 5 is the Peacekeeper MK2 assault rifle, despite getting nerf the PK still a great AR to use occasionally.

Peacekeeper MK2

Back in COD Mobile Season 8 the PK was the best and most used assault rifle in ranked match, however the balance team decided to put an end to the PK meta in Season 9.

The Peacekeeper MK2 is still an overall great assault rifle to use though the attachments nerfed and damage range decreased make this gun impractical to use they was it was used before the nerf.

With minor adjustments you can still rock the Peacekeeper as your main assault rifle, you just need to play more passive, and hold more angles instead of rushing with it.

Best Peacekeeper MK2 loadout


AS VAL is the fourth powerful assault rifle in COD Mobile Season 9 2022.


The AS VAL is a very lethal ar to use for close to mid range combat, this gun has clean iron sight, extremely fast fire rate and deal good damage with great accuracy.

What hold back the AS VAL from ranking inside the top 3 is the moderate recoil you need to control when you want to hit mid to long range target. It require skills to hit enemy at long range but it can beam them down quick if all your shots landed.

It is more viable to use AS VAL as a close range run n gun than using it as a long range assault rifle because the gun is originally build to win more close quarter combat.

Best AS VAL loadout

3. M13

Ranking number 3 in COD Mobile Season 9 is the M13 assault rifle.


The M13 continue to a reliable assault rifle in COD Mobile. This gun deal great damage in close to mid range, has extremely fast fire rate, and almost pin point accuracy when firing.

You can use the M13 in any range gunfight and outclass the enemy despite what playstyle you play, this gun is that good. The only downside of the M13 is the recoil for long range.

It is a little harder to hit the long range target with the M13 because of the recoil jump, but for close to mid range the gun is basically a laser beam and most pros love it.

Best M13 loadout

2. Kilo 141

The Kilo 141 is the runner up of the best assault rifle in COD Mobile. So close!

CODM Kilo 141 Nova Gold

Kilo 141 is a true all ranges assault rifle that deal very high damage and low recoil. The gun has high accuracy as well so hitting shot from close to mid and long range is very easy to achieve.

It is not hard to the Kilo 141 at all and there are 0 downside to this AR you can build it as close range run n gun, mid range combatant, and long range tactical, the gun can perform amazingly well for all 3 roles and ranges.

It's also the most reliable assault rifle to use for many seasons and still continue to dominate the game despite tanking multiples nerfed through out the season. Kilo 141 is a very good assault rifle that doesn't need high skill to master.

Best Kilo 141 loadout

1. Krig 6

The Krig 6 is the best assault rifle in COD Mobile, this gun is the most powerful AR that COD Mobile have ever released.

Krig 6

Krig 6 is a new assault rifle that just released in Season 9, this gun damage range is insanely high and the 3 shots potential is very easy to achieve, the gun also have very low recoil and great accuracy for all ranges.

The Krig 6 can outclass most SMGs in close range, and most assault rifle in mid to long range. What make it the best assault rifle is that it's not hard to use this gun at all and it is very easy to control the gun recoil.

Overall the Krig 6 is basically what the ICR-1 want to achieve but easier, the Peacekeeper MK2 before nerf but slightly better, and the Kilo 141 with even lower recoil and better range.

Best Krig 6 loadout

Wrap It Up

In Conclusion, Powerful ARs have amazing accuracy which make hitting the target easier, low recoil and fast fire also a combine factors of what allows them to outclass other assault rifle. Check out all guns tier list if you want a similar ranking but all weapons.