Sanhua Build, Echo, Weapons, and Teams

Find out Sanhua build featuring best echo sets, stats, and build the best team for this character down below.

Sanhua Key Features

Sanhua is a very powerful Sub DPS character in Wuthering Waves that provide strong damage buff for the main DPS of the team.

Wuthering Waves: Sanhua

Sanhua is very well compatible with a lot of team composition, she can be build into any team and make your main DPS exponentially better.

Sanhua Tier Rating

Overall Tier: S

We place this character in S tier. She has a steep learning curve plus you need to have a good rotation knowledge to maximize her true potential as a Sub-DPS.

Don't be intimidate, her combo is actually easier than you think, build her with good energy regen, you will be able to rotate back to your main DPS with just one full combo.

Main-DPS wise, we don't really recommend using her, you can try using Encore, Calcharo, or Jiyan instead, her damage is easily outshine.

Sanhua Strengths and Drawbacks

At this point, you already know that Sanhua main strength is her ability to boost damage for main DPS, but what else? and what are her weaknesses? 


1. Insane damage boost to the main DPS after her combo.
2. Can also deal good damage as an individual character.
3. Well versatile, you can build her with any of your team.


1. Very low defense. Sanhua is very squishy, she can easily be taken down by a boss.
2. Sanhua heavy attack require you to be precise or you will miss the whole combo chain.
3. Her whole strengths is require by doing one right combo chain. This can put pressure on you every time you rotate to her.

Sanhua Stats

Sanhua StatsLv.1Lv.90
Crit. Rate5%5%
Crit. DMG150%150%

How to get Sanhua

Sanhua will become playable character once you log in on day 5. However, if you need her duplicate for the resonance chain you can unlock her from these convene such as:

  • Thawborn Renewal
  • Absolute Pulsation
  • Tidal Chorus
  • Winter Brume

Tips: Always stack your Radiant Tide, Forging Tide, or Lustrous Tide up to x10 to convene the wish, this can improve your chance of getting any purple characters.

Best Sanhua Build Guide

This is the mostimportant segment when it come to making Sanhua stronger as an individual. The best echo sets with the best sub stats can change the whole game for Sanhua.

Having the right weapon can boost Sanhua stats on top of your echo set which make her even more stronger.

Now after you get everything right for Sanhua which mean you min max everything from the right echo stats, with correct sub stats, you now need to find a great team for her.

Lets get into the detail of each segments:

Best Sanhua Echo Sets

Sonata EffectMoonlit Clouds 5 Piece
Cost Pattern4 3 3 1 1
4 Cost
[Main Stats]
Echeos: Impermanence Heron | Wuthering Waves - zilliongamerImpermanence Heron
[Crit.Rate or Crit. DMG]
3 Cost
[Main Stats]
Any Moonlit Cloud Echo
[Energy Regen or Glacio DMG Bonus]
1 Cost
[Main Stats]
Any Moonlit Cloud Echo

This is the best echo set that you can build for Sanhua. By using this echo sets you will be able increase ATK to the next character when using outro skill.

Not just that, these echo will boost Sanhua crit.rate or crit.dmg depend on which one you pick, improve her overall energy regen, as well as her ATK.

But there's more, you can make the character even stronger when you have the right echo sub stats.

Best Echo Sub Stats

You're right, echo sub stats are all random, but if you're a hardcore you will farm echo again and again until you get the right main stats and at least 3 best sub stats that you are sastisfy.

So here are our recommendation sub stats that you should get for your echo:

1. Energy RegenThe more, the better for Sanhua. After one full combo you will be able to rotate into your main DPS, and once you come back to Sanhua her ultimate is almost full again ready for your second combo.
2. Resonance Liberation DMG BonusImprove Sanhua ultimate damage which generate a bigger damage burst during after the intro skill.
3. Resonance Skill BonusIncrease Sanhua skill damage which contribute to her full combo.
4. Crit. RateMake her single attack better.
5. Crit. DMGMake her single attack better.

If you manage to get these 5 sub stats in one of your echo, you are set, but if you get one dead stats like HP, or DEF, the echo is still useable but if you are a really hardcore you will aim for all 5 best sub stats.

Alternative Sonata Effects

Here are some alternative sonata effects incase you don't want to use the x5 Moonlit Clouds sets.

Freezing Frost + Moonlit Clouds

Freezing Frost | Wuthering Waves2x Freezing FrostMoonlit Clouds | Wuthering Wavesx3 Moonlit Clouds

For this sonata effect to be good you need to have 1 4-Cost Moonlit Clouds echo and 1 3-Cost Moonlit Clouds echo. For the other 3 echo you just need them to have Freezing frost in order to get either one more moonlit clouds or all 3 freezing frost.

1st Effect: Increase Glacio DMG.

2nd Effect: Increase Energy Regen.

5x Freezing Frost

Moonlit Clouds | Wuthering Waves5x Freezing Frost

For these sonata effects, it's quite simple, you just need 5 freezing frost echo then you will achieve the sonata effect. This sonata effect will boost your heavy attack which make your combo greater.

Effect: Upon using Basic Attack or Heavy Attack, Glacio DMG increases.

Moonlit Clouds + Lingering Tunes

Moonlit Clouds | Wuthering Waves3x Moonlit CloudsLingering Tunes | Wuthering Waves2x Lingering Tunes

This is a hybrid sonata effects that can improve Sanhua as a main DPS, it will boost both of your character energy regen and her ATK.

1st Effect: Increase Energy Regen.

2nd Effect: Increase ATK.

Best Sanhua Weapons

Sanhua become more powerful after you use her skill so these weapons are tailored to match her strengths.

Weapons: Emerald of Genesis | Wuthering Waves - zilliongamer1. Emerald of Genesis

This is the best sword for Sanhua, it increase energy regen, Crit. Rate and ATK after using skill. This sword is everything Sanhua need.

Ascension 1: Increases Energy Regen 12.8%. When Resonance Skill is released, increases ATK by 6%, stacking up to 2 time(s). This effect lasts for 10s.

Weapons: Commando of Conviction | Wuthering Waves - zilliongamer2. Commando of Conviction

This is the second best sword for Sanhua. It pair with Sanhua combo chain really well adding extra damage.

Ascension 1: When Intro Skill is released, increased ATK by 15%, lasting for 15.

Weapons: Lumingloss | Wuthering Waves - zilliongamer3. Lumingloss

This is the third best sword and it focus on improving Sanhua attack DMG and heavy attack after you use her skill.

Ascension 1: When Resonance Skill is released, increases Basic Attack DMG and Heavy Attack DMG by 20%, stacking up to 1 time(s). This effect lasts for 10s and can be triggered 1 time(s) every 1s.

Weapons: Sword of Voyager | Wuthering Waves - zilliongamer4. Sword of Voyager

You should have this sword in the early game and it's probably the best sword that you should use. This sword boost Sanhua's energy regen when you use her skill.

Ascension 1: When Resonance Skill is released, restores Resonance Energy by 8. This effect can be triggered 1 time every 20s.

These should be the only swords that you need, if you don't have or can't afford Emerald of Genesis, you should aim for either Commando of Conviction or Lumingloss.

The best early game sword for Sanhua is Sword of Voyager, plain and simple. You can get this sword easily and you will get that sweet energy regen which helps the rotation better.

Sanhua Forte Priority

Sanhua Forte Priority | Wuthering Waves

Here is our recommendation for you to upgrade Sanhua forte:

Intro Skill --> Resonance Liberation --> Resonance Skill --> Forte Circuit --> Normal Attack.

Eventually you will upgrade all the forte the longer you play the character, but if you don't want to waste a lot of material on upgrading material in the early game you should prioritize like our we recommend.

Our recommendation is by following Sanhua full combo, by upgrading like this your combo will be more powerful the more you upgrade the forte.

Sanhua Resonance Chain Priority

Sanhua Resonance Chain Priority | Wuthering Waves

The best resonance chain is S6 Sanhua, this will ultimately boost your whole team ATK and make the combo extremely crucial to land then switching to the main damage dealer to output their damage with bonus you got from Sanhua combo.

For S4 Sanhua, she is also very good to use thanks to the heavy attack damage boost to help you improve the character energy.

Here are all Sanhua Sequence from 1 to 6 details:

Sequence 1Basic Attack V increases Sanhua's Crit. Rate by 15% for 10s.
Sequence 2Heavy Attack Detonate STA cost is reduced by 10. When Sanhua casts Resonance Skill Eternal Frost, her resistance to interruption is enhanced for 10s.
Sequence 3Sanhua's damage dealt is increased by 35% against targets with HP below 70%.
Sequence 4Resonance Liberation Glacial Glaze restores 10 Resonance Energy. DMG of the next Heavy Attack Detonate within 5s is increased by 120%.
Sequence 5Crit.DMG of Forte Circuit Ice Burst is increased by 100%. Ice Creations (Ice Thorn, Ice Prism, and Glacier) will explode even if they are not detonated
Sequence 6After an Ice Prism or a Glacier is detonated, all team members' ATK is increased by 10% for 20s, stacking up to 2 times.

Total Required Materials

Here are all materials that you need to farm in order to fully upgrade and ascension both the character and skill.

Character Ascension

  • 4x LF Whisperin Core.
  • 12x MF Whisperin Core.
  • 12x HF Whisperin Core.
  • 12x HF Whisperin Core.
  • 4x FF Whisperin Core.
  • 46x Sound-Keeping Tacet Core.
  • 60x Wintry Bell.
  • 170 000 Shell Credits.

Skill Upgrade

  • 25x LF Whisperin Core.
  • 28x MF Whisperin Core.
  • 40x HF Whisperin Core.
  • 57x FF Whisperin Core.
  • 25x Inert Metallic Drip.
  • 28x Reactive Metallic Drip.
  • 55x Polarized Metallic Drip.
  • 67x Heterized Metallic Drip.
  • 26x Unending Destruction.
  • 2 030 000 Shell Credits.

So these are the total materials that you need to farm in order to upgrade Sanhua to the max which is level 90 and all the skills upgraded.

Best Sanhua Teams

Here is where you can find all the team build that Sanhua fit well as a Sub DPS and Support.

Sub DPS Sanhua Team

Characters: Encore | Wuthering Waves - zilliongamerAny main DPSCharacters: Sanhua | Wuthering Waves - zilliongamerSanhuaCharacters: Verina | Wuthering Waves - zilliongamerVerina / Baizhi

For the main DPS slot you can use any character ranging from Calcharo, Jinyan, to Encore and other DPS, while keeping Sanhua for Sub-DPS and having Verina or Baizhi for healing.

Character Swap Order

Start with Verina or Baizhi to fill up that concerto energy so that you can switch to Sanhua intro skill, and proceed that full combo.

After that, you can instant swap to the main DPS to deal damage with bonus damage boost from Sanhua.

How to Master Sanhua

Sanhua is a high risk high reward character to master, her whole strengths is coming from one and only one combo then rotate to her main damage dealer to get the damage boost generate from Sanhua.

You should aim to get S6 to see the true potential of Sanhua which make the whole team stronger then before.

The rotation should be another character beside Sanhua to get her intro skill proc, and proceed to connect the whole combo.

How to Combo with Sanhua

Combo allows your character to output heavier or higher damage compare to normal basic attack and the longer the combo chain the better the damage output and here are all the Sanhua Combo:

Ultimate Combo

Intro Skill > Resonance Liberation > Resonance Skill > Jump + Heavy Attack

This is the best combo and the combo that we keep talking about, starting with the Intro Skill to proc that burst damage then pop the ultimate for another damage nuke after that use your Resonance skill for more damage and lastly, use Jump + Heavy Attack to fill up the concerto energy so you can switch to your main damage dealer.

Note: This is the only combo that you need to master to become good at this character, although it might require some precision timing to hit the combo, it's really pay off in term of damage and damage buff for the team.

Is Sanhua Good For You?

This Sub DPS character is available after only 5 days of playing the game, and it's insanely powerful. So yes, this character is very good for you and your team.

Sanhua might has a steep learning curve but trust me, if you really want to play with one of the best Sub DPS in the game you should play her.

Although, you need to get her S6 in order to see the true potential which for F2P players, that might take a long time, but if you a whale, it's a no brainer.


Overall, Sanhua is a very high risk high reward character that looked passed by a lot of players in Wuthering Waves, she's a part of a meta character and most team really need her to get a ton more damage boost.

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