Jianxin Build and Teams

In Wuthering Waves Jianxin is a Sub DPS character with an Aero element. Find Jianxin build, echo sets, best weapons, and teams here.

Jianxin Key Features

Wuthering Waves: Jianxin
Rarity5 Star

Jianxin (Aero) is a good Support / Sub DPS character in Wuthering Waves that output good damage and provide shield for the main DPS to survive the team fight.

Jianxin Tier Rating

Overall Tier: S

Jianxin is a strong Sub-DPS that stand in S-tier character as well as a solid S-Tier support that can provide shield to the main DPS character of the team.

Jianxin Strengths and Drawbacks

Each character has their own strengths and weaknesses which is the nature of any gacha game and for Jianxin in Wuthering Waves they are strong in Sub DPS but lack in the main damage dealer department.


1. Jianxin is a great shield provider for the team.
2. She's a great Sub DPS that can deal AoE (Area of Effect) great against squad monsters.
3. She's combo very well with most of the main DPS character thanks to her fast energy regen.


1. Yes Jianxin provide shield, but her shield require a long time to procs.
2. Her potential is at a higher sequence node which can take a long grind.

Jianxin Stats

Jianxin StatsLv.1Lv.90
Crit. Rate5%5%
Crit. DMG150%150%

How to get Jianxin

In order to unlock Jianxin you need to pull this character in from varieties of Banners such as:

  • Thawborn Renewal
  • Tidal Chorus
  • Utterane of Marvels

If you don't want to spend to much money on getting Jianxin you can choose her from Beginner's Choice Convene.

Best Jianxin Build

The most important part for to build character in Wuthering Waves is picking the best echo with the best sub stats even though it random, but having all the correct Echo with the right sub stats will boost your character even more.

After the echo, you need to pick the weapon which will boost the Jianxin stats even more however the weapon doesn't seems to hard to pick.

Lastly, when the character (Jianxin) is strong enough as an individual you need to have a proper team for the character, in this case you need to have Main DPS and Support or Main DPS, Sub-DPS and use Jianxin as a support.

Best Jianxin Echo Sets

Sonata EffectSierra Gale 5 Piece
Cost Pattern4 3 3 1 1
4 Cost
[Main Stats]
Echeos: Feilian Beringal | Wuthering Waves - zilliongamerFeilian Beringal
3 Cost
[Main Stats]
Any Aero Echo
[Aero DMG Bonus or Energy Regen]
1 Cost
[Main Stats]
Any Aero Echo

This is the strongest echo set that you can possibly build for Jianxin. It helps boost the character stats such as Crit Rate or Crit DMG, boost Aero DMG Bonus, Energy Regen, and raw ATK damage. However, this is not enough because more power is coming from the Sub stats of these echo.

Best Echo Sub Stats

In Wuthering Waves, all echo Sub Stats are all random so when you tune the echo that we recommended you will boost your character to another level. 

Here are our recommendation Sub Stats that you should get for your echo:

1. Energy RegenEnergy Regen is the best sub stats that you can possibly get for Jianxin, this character perform better the more the energy increase.
2. Resonance Liberation DMG BonusJianxin ultimate is very powerful which is why you should try to get as many echo with this sub stats as possible.
3. Crit. RateWe recommend to have Crit. Rate sub stats because it improve your chance of boosting the attack damage on the target.
4. Crit. DMGCrit. DMG is another sub stats that improve the character damage when the Crit Rate proc. 
5. ATKThis Sub stats is decent but it still highly recommended for Jianxin since it will boost her raw ATK.

Outside of these 5 sub stats if you tune the echo and get the other sub stats likes Resonance Skill DMG Bonus, DEF, or HP, you can choose to use it temporarily but you can still try to find another echo that has better sub stats.

Alternative Sonata Effect

We recommend 5 Piece Sierra Gale  sonata effect because it improve her DMG when using intro skill. However if you don't like this sonata effect, you can try these alternative effect out:

Sierra Gale + Moonlit Clouds

Characters Sort by Aero | Wuthering Waves3x Sierra GaleMoonlit Clouds | Wuthering Waves2x Moonlit Clouds

This sonata effect require you to use 3 piece Sierra Gale preferably (1 Cost 4 and 2 Cost 3) then save both Cost 1 echo for moonlit clouds. This sonata effect will boost your Aero DMG as well as your Energy Regen.

Tips: You can readjust the echo cost slots but make sure you maintain the two Aero DMG Bonus for better Jianxin damage scale.

5x Moonlit Clouds

Moonlit Clouds | Wuthering Wavesx5 Moonlit Clouds

This sonata effect on the other hand is sole focus on boosting the Jianxin energy regen so that your whole team rotation is very much better and faster but at the same time you will sacrifice any extra damage boost.

Tips: Keep using the same main stats and sub stats recommended but without having any Sierra gale echo element in the echo set.

Best Jianxin Weapons

Weapons: Abyss Surges | Wuthering Waves - zilliongamer1. Abyss Surges

This is the best Gauntlet to use for boosting Jianxin's energy Regen and make her skill stronger.

Ascension 1: Increases Energy Regen by 12.8%. When hitting a target with Resonance Skill, increases Basic Attack DMG Bonus by 10%, lasting for 8. When hitting a target with Basic Attacks, increases Resonance Skill DMG Bonus by 10%, lasting for 8s.

Weapons: Marcato | Wuthering Waves - zilliongamer2. Marcato

Marcato is also the best weapon that you can use on Jianxin to make the character more lethal as well as better energy regen.

Ascension 1: When Resonance Skill is released, restores Concerto Energy by 8. This effect can be triggered 1 time every 20s.

Weapons: Stonard | Wuthering Waves - zilliongamer3. Stonard

Stonard is the another great weapon that make Jianxin Skill and ultimate stronger.

Ascension 1: When Resonance Skill is released, increases the caster's Resonance Liberation DMG Bonus by 18%, lasting for 15s.

Weapons: Gauntlets of Night | Wuthering Waves - zilliongamer4. Gauntlets of Night

This is a basic weapon that Jianxin should use in the early phase of the game. Boosting damage can always come in handy.

Ascension 1: When Intro Skill is released, increases ATK by 8%, lasting for 10s.

Weapons: Originite: Type V | Wuthering Waves - zilliongamer5. Originite: Type IV

Another weapon that is also good for Jianxin early phase game which helps restore her health after basic attacks.

Ascension 1: When hitting a target with Basic Attacks, restores HP by 0.5%. This effect can be triggered 1 time(s) every 3s.

Abyss Surge is by far the best weapon for Jianxin to use if you want to main this character because its the most fit in term of energy regen, damage boost, skill boost, and more.

Between Marcato and Stonard is sort of personal preference that you can pick and use to improve Jianxin overall performance.

Best Jianxin Teams

Here is where you can find all the team build that Jianxin fit well as a Sub DPS and Support.

Sub DPS Jianxin Team

Characters: Encore | Wuthering Waves - zilliongamerAny main DPSCharacters: Jianxin | Wuthering Waves - zilliongamerJianxinCharacters: Verina | Wuthering Waves - zilliongamerVerina / Baizhi

In this team build Jianxin is a Sub-DPS that use to quick swap into your main DPS, she will also provide a very powerful AoE damage that gather all enemies into one spot so the main DPS can output all that damage into all the enemies.

Character Swap Order

Use Jianxin's Resonance liberation to gather the enemy into one place then switch to your main DPS to deal nuke damage.

This swap order is very easy to achieve thanks to Jianxin ability to gain quick forte circuit allows to swap back to your main DPS character intro skill.

Support Jianxin Team

Characters: Encore | Wuthering Waves - zilliongamerAny main DPSCharacters: Rover | Wuthering Waves - zilliongamerAny Sub-DPSCharacters: Jianxin | Wuthering Waves - zilliongamerJianxin

For this team, we want the team to output insanely high damage with our main and sub DPS, so we use Jianxin as support to provide shield and gather the enemy into one place for the main and sub DPS to do their thing.

Character Swap Order

In this rotation, you only need Jianxin to dash out her combo then instantly swap to your Sub-DPS or Main-DPS to dash out the damage instead, the swap back to her when you need another shield. You just need to use this smartly to avoid getting hit by the boss.

Jianxin Forte Priority

Jianxin Forte Priority | Wuthering Waves

Here is our recommend order for you to upgrade Jianxin forte:

Resonance Liberation --> Resonance Skill --> Forte Circuit --> Intro Skill --> Normal Attack.

Eventually you will upgrade all the forte the longer you play the character, but if you don't want to waste a lot of material on upgrading material in the early game you should prioritize like our we recommend.

The reason we want to prioritize Resonance Liberation as the first upgrade is because we know that Jianxin ultimate is insanely powerful so having extra explosion damage is very highly recommended.

The next upgrade after Jianxin ultimate is her Resonance skill because her Chi counter and Chi parry is very essential during boss fight.

After that you can then proceed to upgrade Forte Circuit, Intro Skill, and Normal Attack. You can change the order depend on how you want to play Jianxin but Resonance Liberation and Skill are the most priority.

Jianxin Resonance Chain Priority

Jianxin Recommend Sequence | Wuthering Waves

If the player want to use Jianxin as the Sub DPS we suggested you to get S4 so that you deal very big continuous damage during her Chi Spiral and Ultimate.

For the S2 and S6, its very vary depend on your playstyle, if you somehow want to turn Jianxin into main DPS you can activate them up to S6

Regarding S2, it is good for Jianxin support role since you will be able to recover energy quite fast thanks to extra resonance skill.

Here are all Jianxin Sequence from 1 to 6 details;

Sequence 1After casting Intro Skill Essence of Tao, Jianxin gains 100% extra "Chi" from Basic Attacks for 10s.
Sequence 2Resonance Skill Calming Air can be used 1 more time.
Sequence 3
After staying in the Parry Stance of Resonance Skill Calming Air for 2.5s, Resonance Skill Chi Counter becomes immediately availble.
Sequence 4
When performing Forte Circuit Heavy Attack: Primordial Chi Spiral, Jianxin's Resonance Liberatio Purification Force Field damage is increased by 80% for 14s.
Sequence 5
The range of Resonance Liberation Purification Force Field is increased by 33%.
Sequence 6
During Forte Circuit Heavy Attack: Primordial Qi Spiral, if Jianxin performs Pushing Punch, enhanced Resonance Skill Special Chi Counter can be used 1 time(s) in 5s. Special Chi Counter: Inflicts Aero DMG equal to 556.67% of Jianxin's ATK. The damage is regarded as Heavy Attack DMG. Obtain a Zhoutin Progress 4 Shield (Influenced by Inherent Skill Reflection's bonus effect.)

Total Required Materials

Here are all materials that you need to farm in order to fully upgrade and ascension both the character and skill.

Character Ascension

  • 4x LF Howler Core.
  • 12x MF Howler Core.
  • 12x HF Howler Core.
  • 4x FF Howler Core.
  • 46x Roaring Rock Fist.
  • 170 000 Shell Credits.

Skill Upgrade

  • 25x LF Howler Core.
  • 28x MF Howler Core.
  • 40x HF Howler Core.
  • 57x FF Howler Core.
  • 25x Cadence Seed.
  • 28x Cadence Bud.
  • 55x Cadence Leaf.
  • 67x Cadence Blossom.
  • 26x Unending Destruction.
  • 2 030 000 Shell Credits.

So these are the total materials that you need to farm in order to upgrade Jianxin to the max which is level 90 and all the skills upgraded.

How to Master Jianxin

Jianxin is a simple and easy character to master because most of her strength is based off holding heavy attack and using ultimate at the right place. 

Because she's a Sub-DPS you only want to use her for a certain combo than switching to your main DPS to use the shield and deal more damage.

Understand How to smartly rotate Jianxin around during the combat can help your team perform extremely well.

How to combo with Jianxin

Combo allows your character to output heavier or higher damage compare to normal basic attack and the longer the combo chain the better the damage output and here are all the Jianxin Combo:

Resonance Liberation + Heavy Attack

Resonance Liberation --> Heavy Attack --> Echo

This is one of the easiest combo to do with Jianxin, by disabling enemies with her Ultimate then holding heavy attack to deal AOE damage as well as shielding her and lastly use echo to deal extra damage.

Resonance Skill + Heavy Attack

(Hold) Resonance Skill + Heavy Attack --> Full Heavy Attack

This combo will increase Jianxin forte bar extremely quick so that you can use her full heavy attack to grant shield and extra damage boost.

Is Jianxin Good for you?

Jianxin is a good character for you if you want to have a solid character that can provide shield for your team, its also make your team fight survivability better.

The learning curve for Jianxin is a little easier from other characters so if you want to use her you can learn her overall skills pretty quick.

Jianxin echo set is also easy to farm which make her stats easily to boost overall make her powerful very quick. But her sequence is pretty hard to get.


Overall, Jianxin is one of that character that most players look past, but if you are not one of them you should give her a try to see the potential of how powerful this character is.