Rover (Spectro) Build and Teams

In Wuthering Waves Rover is a unique character that has 2 element, Spectro and Havoc. In this article, we are going through the Rover Spectro build, best echo sets, weapons, and teams.

Rover (Spectro) Key Features

Rover (Spectro)
Wuthering Waves: Rover Spectro
Rarity5 Star

Rover (Spectro) is a versatile character in Wuthering Waves, known for its dual-elemental affinity (Spectro and Havoc). This character excels in the Sub DPS role, offering substantial burst damage through various skills.

Rover (Spectro) Tier Rating

Overall Tier: S

Overall, Rover (Spectro) is a solid S-tier character, shining primarily in the Sub DPS role. Its ability to generate massive burst damage makes it indispensable. While it can function as a Main DPS, there are better options available. As a support, Rover (Spectro) is rated A due to its healing capability upon reaching S4.

Rover (Spectro) Strengths and Drawbacks

Each character has their own strengths and weaknesses which is the nature of any game and for Spectro Rover in Wuthering Waves they are powerful in Sub DPS but sort of lacking damage in the Main DPS department.


1. Rover deal massive burst damage with intro skill, resonance skill, as well as the resonance liberation.
2. Rover heavy attack and basic attack is very good for quick swapping characters while dealing another damage burst with the outro.
3. Rover can heal the team when achieving 4th sequence which can function as a support for the team as well.
4. Rover is a free and very strong sub dps that get you through the progression of the game without you having to spend resource on a sub dps.


1. Rover basic damage is weak compare to the other damage dealer characters, that doesn't mean you can use Rover (Spectro) as main DPS, it's just that there are better main DPS out there.
2. Rover require some upgrade to the forte first in order to see the true damage potential.

Rover (Spectro) Stats

Rover StatsLv.1Lv.90
Crit. Rate5%5%
Crit. DMG150%150%

How to get Rover (Spectro)

You don't need to unlock Rover (Spectro), this character available for players from the beginning of the game throughout the progression.

Best Rover (Spectro) Build

When it come to building a character in Wuthering Waves, the first and most important build is their echo, you need to have the right echo with the right main stats, and if you're a die hard gamer that like to min max the stats you even need to have the right sub stats for that echo.

Second is the weapon, but choosing weapon is not as hard as choosing echo, we already have each weapon in their rarity recommend for you.

And lastly, you need to have a proper team for the character and in this case you can find the best echo, weapons, and teams for Rover (Spectro) down below:

Best Rover (Spectro) Echo Sets

Sonata EffectCelestial Light 5 Piece
Cost Pattern4 3 3 1 1
4 Cost
[Main Stats]
Echo: Mourning Aix | Wuthering Waves - zilliongamerMourning Aix
[Crit.Rate or Crit.DMG]
3 Cost
[Main Stats]
Any Celestial Light Echo
[Spectro DMG Bonus or Energy Regen]
1 Cost
[Main Stats]
Any Celestial Light Echo

This is a perfect echo set for Rover (Spectro) to use it helps boost damage after the character intro skill thanks to the 5 Piece sonata effect and if you get the correct main stats for the all the echo you will see even more damage boost especially if you manage to get good sub stats like Crit.Rate or Crit.DMG.

Best Echo Sub stats

We know that Sub stats are random when you tune the echo. But it doesn't mean you have to accept the sub stats that you are given after the tune, if you don't like it you can go and farm for that echo again and tune it again until you get what you want. 

So here are our recommendation for the Sub stats that you should get for your echo:

1. Crit. RateCrit. Rate is the best sub stats that you can get for your Rover echo, the more Crit. Rate you have the higher chance you can deal Crit. DMG.
2. Crit. DMGCrit. DMG is the second sub stats you should aim for. This will make your Crit. Damage insane whenever you get a chance to crit. Especially during Resonance Liberation.
3. Resonance Liberation DMG BonusThis sub stats is a great addition for Rover (Spectro) since we all know that they heavily rely on Resonance Liberation damage.
4. Resonance Skill DMG BonusResonance Skill DMG Bonus is a great sub stats for Rover (Spectro) because this character often use the resonance skill especially during combo chain.
5. Basic Attack DMG BonusFor this sub stats its can be useful for your normal attack, but if you know how to properly do basic attack combo you will see the potential even more.

Outside of the 5 rank that you can get for one echo, Energy Regen is also another good sub stats that you can aim for Rover echo to get. Because again, as a Sub DPS you need as much energy as possible.

Alternative Sonata Effect

If you don't feels like using the recommend 5 piece Celestial light you can try these alternative and see if it fit your playstyle:

Celestial Light + Lingering Tunes

Celestial Light | Wuthering Waves2x Celestial LightLingering Tunes | Wuthering Waves2x Lingering Tunes

For this sonata effect we focus on boosting Rover raw ATK so that he can deal high basic attack damage, this sonata effect can be very good if you want to use Rover (Spectro) as your Main DPS.

How to achieve this Sonata effect combo: You can equip 2 Celestial Light Echo and 3 Lingering Tunes echo or 3 Celestial Light and 2 Lingering Tunes.

Celestial Light + Moonlit Clouds

Celestial Light | Wuthering Waves2x Celestial LightMoonlit Clouds | Wuthering Waves2x Moonlit Clouds

This sonata effect boost Rover Spectro DMG as well as their energy regen. Energy Regen is an important factor for Rover (Spectro) as a Sub DPS because this will help them getting their resonance liberation faster than the 5 Piece celestial light.

How to achieve this Sonata effect combo: You can equip 2 Celestial Light Echo and 3 Moonlit clouds echo or 3 Celestial Light and 2 Moonlit clouds.

Best Rover (Spectro) Weapons

Weapons: Emerald of Genesis | Wuthering Waves - zilliongamer1. Emerald of Genesis

A very good sword that combo very well with Rover resonance skill. Able to unlock once reaching level 45.

Ascension 1: Increases Energy Regen by 12.8%. When Resonance Skill is released, increases ATK by 6%, stacking up to 2 time(s). This effect lasts for 10s.

Weapons: Commando of Conviction | Wuthering Waves - zilliongamer2. Commando of Conviction

The same to Sword of Night but increasing more damage, require some progress to unlock.

Ascension 1: When Intro Skill is released, increases ATK by 15%, lasting for 15.

Weapons: Sword of Night | Wuthering Waves - zilliongamer3. Sword of Night

This sword is free, easy to get, and it boost Rover damage during your rotation.

Ascension 1: When Intro Skill is released, increases ATK by 8% lasting for 10s.

If you want to stick with Rover (Spectro) as your sub dps, the only weapon that make the most sense is Emerald of Genesis since this is basically the best sword of the game, when you reach level 45 you will get a free weapon crate and you can unlock that sword from there.

However, if you don't plan to use Rover (Spectro) past a certain level you only need to use either Sword of Night or Command of Conviction if you have the sword, these two swords has the same function but the Commando of Conviction is better.

Tips: You don't need to upgrade or ascend the weapon if you don't plan to use this character past a certain level, save your materials for your main characters first.

Best Rover (Spectro) Teams

In this section you can find both team that perform well with Rover (Spectro) as Sub DPS as well as Main DPS.

Sub DPS Rover (Spectro) Team

Characters: Encore | Wuthering Waves - zilliongamerEncore

(Main DPS)

Characters: Rover | Wuthering Waves - zilliongamerRover (Spectro)

(Sub DPS)

Characters: Verina | Wuthering Waves - zilliongamerVerina or Baizhi


Having Rover as your Sub DPS allows you to choose any Main DPS that you like the most or deal the most damage such as Jiyan, Calcharo, Encore, or Lingyang. Having Rover as your team sub DPS can add another huge damage burst on top of your main DPS damage and allows you to rotate in and out smoothly with those extra damages.

Character Swap Order

Start with Rover resonance skill then double heavy attack plus echo then you will be able to proc your main DPS intro skill.

Once your main DPS deal the damage combo that you set to do you can switch back to rover and continue to do the same combination of Resonance skill and 3 heavy attack and you'll get your main DPS intro skill again.

Rotate in Verina or Baizhi when you needed heal, then switch back to your Rover and execute the same combo again and again for continuous damage burst.

Main DPS Rover (Spectro) Team

Characters: Rover | Wuthering Waves - zilliongamerRover (Spectro)

(Main DPS)

Characters: Jianxin | Wuthering Waves - zilliongamerJainxin

(Sub DPS)

Characters: Verina | Wuthering Waves - zilliongamerVerina or Baizhi


This team is mostly build for the middle game phase where you haven't unlock a lot of characters yet but you want to have a solid team that can provide huge burst damage plus shield and heal. If you haven't unlock Verina, you can use Baizhi instead since she's also a good healer.

Character Swap Order

Start with Jainxin resonance skill and heavy attack to gain enough concerto energy so you can switch to your main DPS rover intro skill and proceed to deal as much damage as possible then heavy attack and resonance liberation after Rover concerto energy is full switch back to Jainxin if you need shield or switch to Verina or Baizhi if you need heal.

Rover (Spectro) Forte Priority

Rover (Spectro) Forte Priority | Wuthering Waves - zilliongamer

You should aim to upgrade Rover forte in this order:

Resonance Liberation -->  Resonance Skill --> Intro Skill --> Forte Circuit --> Normal Attack.

Here's why: By now we know that Rover is heavily relies on their Resonance Liberation to output huge burst damage so priority that upgrade first is necessary.

After that you can priority Resonance Skill since its a pretty good upgrade to boost the damage burst as well.

Third you can upgrade Intro Skill since this will tied into Rover damage increases.

Lastly you can either upgrade the Forte circuit first or the normal attack depend on which playstyle you want to play.

Rover (Spectro) Resonance Chain Priority

Rover (Spectro) Sequence Priority | Wuthering Waves - zilliongamer

If you are using Rover (Spectro) as your Sub DPS as we suggested you only need to get up to Sequence 2, this should be good enough because it increase Rover's Crit as well as Spectro DMG.

But if you want to use Rover as a Sub DPS and a healer you need to reach Sequence 4 to activate the healing function so it's highly depend on what your playstyle of the character is.

Regarding other Sequence you can try to activate all of them as well but it would take a longer time with this character and if you activate all the sequence it will ultimately make Rover even stronger than before.

Here are all Rover (Spectro) Sequence from 1 to 6 details:

Sequence 1Rover's Crit. Rate is increased by 15% for 7s when casting Resonance Skill Resonating Skill Resonating Slashes or Resonating Skill Resonating Spin.
Sequence 2Rover's Spectro DMG Bonus is increased by 20%.
Sequence 3Rover's Energy Regen is increased by 20%.
Sequence 4When casting Resonance Liberation Echoing Resonance, Rover continuously restores HP for all team members: HP equal to 20% of Rover's ATK will be restored every second for 5s.
Sequence 5Rover's Resonance Liberation DMG Bonus is increased by 40%.
Sequence 6Resonance Skill Resonating Slashes and Resonance Skill Resonating Spin reduces the target's Spectro DMG RES by 10% on hit for 20s.

Total Required Materials

Here are all materials that you need to farm in order to fully upgrade and ascension both the character and skill.

Character Ascension

Skill Upgrade

So these are the total materials that you need to farm in order to upgrade Rover (Spectro) to the max which is level 90 and all the skills upgraded.

How to Master Rover (Spectro)

Rover is by far the easiest character to play in the game because its the first character that you are able to use, when the simple understanding of how to generate that damage nuke with Resonance Liberation and Skill then swap to your main damage you are off to a good start. 

However if you want to achieve even higher damage than that as a Sub DPS you need to make use of Rover intro skill and his basic attack combo while that can require some practice it is still easier then most of the character.

Beside that you also need to know when to rotate into Rover for that massive damage burst nuke especially against hardcore boss that can 1 shot you, switching back and fourth of intro and outro skill can help your team outputting more damage.

How to Combo with Rover (Spectro)

Combo allows your character to output heavier or higher damage compare to normal basic attack and the longer the combo chain the better the damage output and here are all the Rover (Spectro) Combo:

Note: Rover Spectro relies heavily on their Forte bar if the forte bar is filled their skill deal more damage.

Basic Attack to Resonance Skill

3 Basic Attack --> (Slight pause) Double Tap Attack --> Resonance Skill --> Basic Attack

The 3 Basic Attack (slight pause) then hit a fast Double Tap Attack can grant increase their forte bar very quick which allows Spectro to output resonance skill with extra damage and the last basic attack will add more damage on top.

Heavy Attack to Resonance Skill

Heavy Attack --> Basic Attack --> Resonance Skill --> Basic Attack

This is a very strong combo for Rover (Spectro) to charge up their forte bar as well, if the Basic attack combo hard to execute, this heavy attack combo is for you. But it deal less damage compare to the Basic attack combo.

If you do the combo correctly you will be able to fill the forte bar with just one heavy attack and basic attack combo, this will allows your Resonance skill to output higher damage.

Ultimate Rover (Spectro) Combo

Heavy Attack --> Basic Attack --> Resonance Skill --> Basic Attack --> Echo --> Resonance Liberation --> Heavy Attack

Note: This combo only work if your Resonance Liberation already at 70% energy or you have great energy recharge, but preferably 70% energy in your Resonance Liberation.

This is properly the hardest combo for Rover but it will deals the highest damage as well. This combo require you  to be alert of your ultimate energy rate and you only have to do this combo when the boss you're fighting is at idle time gap.

Is Rover (Spectro) Worth It?

I would say that playing and upgrading Rover (Spectro) is absolutely worth it, it has a great potential to become one of the best Sub DPS in Wuthering Waves.

The fun of having to time the combo at the right time, the awesomeness of resonance skill animation and the powerful resonance liberation make this character very enjoyable.

Moreover, we all start with this character so in someway Rover (Spectro) is where the foundation of our team roster started whether you still playing this character or not. 

On the other hand, we all know that even if we max out all Rover (Spectro) it can be still outshine by the other character, and it even outshine by their other element (Havoc).


Overall, Rover (Spectro) is a unique character that either you love it and want to play with it forever or you won't even touch it after you get the character that you want. If you want to try it out we hope our Rover (Spectro) build help you conquer the Wuthering Waves.