How to quickly Farm Metallic Drip in Wuthering Waves

Metallic Drip is a material in Wuthering Waves that you need to upgrade your weapon, ascend Resonators, and forte (skills). Find out how to quickly get this material down below.

Metallic Drip Overview

There are 4 rarities of Metallic Drip  such as Green, Blue, Purple, and Gold. The Green and Blue rarities are use in early state of the game whereas the Purple and Gold rarities are use in later progression of the game.

Metallic Drip | Wuthering Waves

The higher you progress the more you need Metallic Drip because it involves in every important upgrades which ultimately make your Resonator stronger.

There are 3 ways to farm Metallic Drip in Wuthering Waves such as Forgery Challenge, and Weapon Crafting Shop. Let's go through each step down below.

Forgery Challenge: Flaming Remnants

This is the best method when it come to farming the Metallic Drip material, however you will need waveplate in order to get the reward.

Forgery Challenge: Flaming Remnants


Synthesis is a physical store in Wuthering Waves that you can go and synthesize your low rarity and turn them into a purple and gold rarity.

This function is very good when you have a lot of green rarity Metallic Drip and essentially you can turn them into blue, purple, and gold.

Weapon Crafting Shop

The last method to get Metallic Drip involve in spending in-game currency, you can find the store behind Uncle Wei, check the video for more detail.


In Short you really need to farm Metallic Drip up for your progression, the higher level you increase the more you need. Make sure to stack them up.