How to maximize Encore Damage in Wuthering Waves

Encore is a Fusion main DPS character in Wuthering Waves. Find a complete guide on how to maximize her damage, echo set, and forte tree priority and more down below.

Quick and Short Tips:

  1. Encore is more powerful after her resonance liberation.
  2. Encore has huge damage nuke in every skills and basic attack.
  3. Encore is squishy, pair her with healer like Verina.
  4. Upgrade and ascend Encore to see her true potential.

Now lets get into the juicy detail that you need to maximize Encore performance.

Best Echo set for Encore to build

Here are the 3 main stats that you need to boost Encore potential in team fight: ATK, Crit. Rate, and Crit DMG, so the echo that fit her the most is Inferno Rider with Crit. Rate or Crit DMG as it main stats.

Encore Best Echo: Inferno Rider | Wuthering Waves

For the 3 cost echo you should choose any echo that has Fusion DMG Bonus as the main stats with Fusion element and for 1 cost you should always aim for ATK

Encore Best 3 Cost Echo: Inferno Rider | Wuthering Waves

For the Echo set pattern we recommend building a 4 3 3 1 1 to achieve the Molten Rift sonata effect which will boost Encore DMG after using her Resonance skill.

Encore Best Sonata Effect: 5 Pieces | Wuthering Waves

For the Substats you should always aim for Crit Rate, Crit DMG, ATK, Energy Regen, and any type of DMG Bonus. We know the Sub stats are random but it boost your character a lot if your luck is right.

3 Best Weapons for Encore

Encore use Rectifier as her weapon and here are the best rectifiers that match her very well, these weapons are known for dealing very high ATK damage after using either her Skills or Liberation.

Encore Best Weapons | Wuthering Waves

The Stringmasteris the best but not free rectifier for Encore since its not only boost her own damage but the whole team damage after using Liberation or Outro skill.

The second best rectifier for Encore is Augment, this weapon is very lethal and match how Encore is played extremely well, since Encore use her liberation for damage and this weapon also increase damage after liberation as well.

The third rectifier is free to get but it still very powerful to use with Encore, its call Guardian Rectifier which boost Base ATK and Heavy ATK, so your Encore can deal extra damage.

Encore Ascension and Forte priority

[] Skip this step if you've Ascended your Encore.

By leveling up and Ascend Encore, you will increase her overall stats and also unlock her Forte tree which is a crucial function to maximize Encore performance to another level.

Encore Ascension Materials | Wuthering Waves

Here are all material needed to ascend Encore:

By maxing Encore level and forte you will see a huge damage increase and bonus.

Forte Tree Priority

If you have a limited materials to use you priority which forte you need to level up first and down below is our recommendation:

Encore Best Forte Tree | Wuthering Waves

We recommend upgrading the Forte Circuit and Resonance Liberation first since these are the two skills that boost Encore damage a ton.

Here are all total materials that you need to max out all of Encore's forte:

Encore Strength in Teamfight

Encore is your main DPS character so most of the fight you will need her to output as much damage as possible during your team rotation.

1. Her Strength is heavily relied on her Resonance liberation and skills, so during team fight you must start with her liberation first to output max damage on the enemy.

2. Energy regen, in order activate Encore's resonance liberation you need energy regen, and if you have good energy regen, one resonance skill should get you up to 30 to 50% energy for the liberation so 2 or 3 resonance skill should be enough to activate Encore's liberation again.

3. Encore's heavy attack is also a huge damage nuke that you can instantly switch to other character and still output continuous damage and when you get enough energy to switch back to Encore you'll also nuke the enemy with her intro skill as well.

4. Encore's Rotation is pretty much needed when your Sub DPS or your Healer has proc her intro skill, by doing that you can extra damage and if you already have her Resonance liberation ready that is where she shine the most combine that with her resonance skill you can easily take down any world bosses.

Character Recommendation

Encore alone is already a very powerful main DPS but if you pair her with a proper sub dps and supporter you will get yourself a powerful team that can easily take down any enemy in Wuthering Waves.

1. Sanhau: Sanhau combo is very powerful once she done her combo of Intro, Resonance Skill, and Heavy attack her concerto energy is almost full to swap back to encore. Plus she's a free to play character that is easy to unlock.

2. Jianxin: Jianxin is another great character to pair with Encore, she provide shield and her ultimate is also powerful which can gather the enemy into close proximity allows encore to use her resonance skill on all of them.

3. Rover (Havoc): This pair allows for fast quick swap from one character to the other character and this is a huge damage output team however you will lacks suriviability.

4. Verina or Baizhi: Having either one of this character as your healer should be good enough to extend your surviving chance against high level boss.


Overall, Encore one of the best if not the best Main DPS character to use in Wuthering Waves and if you follows our recommendation such as good echo set, pick the right weapon, and has her in a solid team you are most likely unstoppable in any situation.