How to maximize Verina Potential in Wuthering Waves

Verina is widely known as the best healer in Wuthering Waves that can be used in any team. But do you know how to maximize her potential? Find out down below.

Whether you just unlocked Verina or you played this character for a long time, you will be able to gain some significant advantages by following our guide step by step.

Pick and Build the best Echo for Verina

Pick and Choose the main echo with correct main stats will take Verina healing to another level. In this case the best main echo for Verina is Bell-Borne Geochelone with Healing Bonus as its main stats.

Verina Best Echo: Bell-Borne Geochelone | Wuthering Waves

We recommend building a 4 3 3 1 1 echo cost pattern for Verina to maximize her healing bonus as well as her energy regen. For the 3 cost echo you should choose any echo that has Energy Regen main stats whereas the 1 cost you should always aim for ATK%.

Verina Best 3 Cost Echo Main Stats: Energy Regen | Wuthering Waves

We also recommend fully equipping 5 piece echo with Rejuvenating glow to achieve the 5 piece sonata effect, now Verina not only heals her team but also increases her team ATK as well.

Verina Echo Best Sonata Effect: 5 Pieces | Wuthering Waves

Substats wise you should prioritize as much Energy Regen as possible because this will help Verina to reach her ultimate quicker hence boosting the team ATK more often.

Best Weapons for Verina

Verina is all about supporting her team, to achieve this she spent a lot of energy, using her Resonance Liberation as well as Forte Circuit so she really really need Energy regen, so the best weapon for Verina are Cosmic Ripples, Variation, Rectifier of Voyager.

Verina Best Weapons | Wuthering Waves

Now the Cosmic Ripples is not a F2P friendly weapon, so you can resort to using the Rectifier of Voyager or Variation if you manage to unlock that. These are the top best weapons for Verina, try it out.

Level Up & Ascend Character

[] Skip this step if you’ve Ascended Verina.

By leveling up and Ascend Verina, you will increase her overall stats and most importantly her Healing bonus in her forte.

Verina Ascension Materials | Wuthering Waves

Here are all total material needed to ascend Verina:

With just maxing her level and forte you will notice better healing  to your team. But there’s more that you can do to take her healing to reach an even higher number.

Forte Tree Priority

If you don’t want to max out your forte you can prioritize which forte tree you should upgrade first that can provide a better effect for Varina.

Verina Best Forte Tree | Wuthering Waves

We recommend upgrading the first and the fifth forte tree first since those will help increase her Healing Bonus up to 8.40%.

Here are all total material to upgrades all of Verina's forte:

Verina's Potential Strength in Teamfight

Most players make mistake not starting the teamfight with Verina, here's what you should do, before the teamfight start make sure you almost have her Resonance Liberation ready, here's why:

1. With Verina's resonance liberation ready she can heal her whole team and thanks to our 5 echoes sonata effect she also buff the ATK to her whole team, plus now your main dps will be able to start their intro skill with extra damage.

2. Our recommendation on Verina's main echo will block two attack from monsters or boss which make your DPS more tanky and survive longer, to do this, you need to tap the echo with Verina then quick swap to your main dps.

3. Verina's resonance skill is also helpful to regen your energy quicker as well as mid-air attack, this will heals your team extremely fast back to full health.

4. You can escape the teamfight very quick with Verina, if you're in a situation where your Main DPS has very low health and your Verina healing skills is on cooldown, you can get out of the fight pretty quick by pressing heavy attack in the other direction then Verina will ski away to safety leaving you sometime for reset.

Tips: You can gain health regen if you press Resonance skill first then hold heavy attack, if you don't do that, you won't gain any heal.

Characters Recommendation 

Since Verina is a support character, she fit with any main DPS character and pair well with any team that you want to have a healer in.


In short, Verina is one of the best if not the best character that you must have in your team if you want a sustainable team to fight against hardcore boss because she can heal the entire team as well as buff ATK when you level up to a certain level.